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May 7, 2008 09:56 AM

NYC Icy in Kensington is open

On Church, between CIA and E. 10th. They have ices and something which is not-quite-ice cream -- sherbet? Gelato? Whatever -- it's delicious. Between three of us, we tasted cafe con leche, hazelnut chip, peanut butter snickers, chocolate chocolate-chip ice and settled on malted vanilla, mexican hot chocolate, and cafe con leche. I'm also hearing rave reviews for the mango basil ice and the apricot ginger sherbet.

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  1. I was a frequent visitor to NYC ICY when it was on Ave B b/w 2nd and 3rd. The mango basil is probably their best flavor, and the apricot ginger is my 2nd favorite. Apparently I'm not the only one who loves those two flavors!

    I'm going to have to make a trip out to Kensington for some of that mango basil goodness!

    1. Wonder if they're still looking to open in Hell's Kitchen, or elsewhere in Manhattan. Around a year ago they had a 10th Ave. storefront picked out and said they expected to open later that spring. But nothing happened, and in August someone wrote on the Manhattan board that she went to that address and found a liquor store there instead.

      1. First, a nitpick. East of Coney Island Avenue is more Ditmas Park or Prospect Park South than Kensington. But I digress. I'd like to add a rave for NYC ICY.

        I live around the corner and have had a chance to sample multiple flavors and haven't come up with one I don't like yet. The mango basil ice is as refreshing as it sounds. The creamsicle ice cream actually tastes like a creamsicle in ice cream form (it sounds gross, but it tastes surprisingly good). They pull a similar trick with caramel-flavored ice cream. There's no caramel in there per se, and it looks like vanilla ice cream, but they somehow manage to make it taste like caramel.

        I've also tried the vanilla malt ball (which I think I posted about previously), which was pretty good, the Mexican cocoa, which was pleasantly spicy, and the peanut-butter-snickers flavor, which again sounds gross but is actually quite sumptuous. I highly recommend this place.

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          Ice cream in or near Kennsington:
          Paris Ice cream, on McDonald near the shopright - a wholesaler with Bassetts.
          Carvel on Church and E2?
          Ice Cream House 37th and 15th ave (or near there maybe 14th). Kosher milkless soft serve. Regular Ice cream is also very good.

          On CIA there is a Basken robbins/dunkin donuts. McDonalds has a decent vanilla.

          As to ICY NYC, I thought it was OK, but I like Louis G's better.

          1. re: JackS

            Just tried this last night after dinner at Pomme de Terre--we forgoed(? forwent?) the salted chocolate mousse there to try NYC ICY. Yum!! Had the Apricot Ginger which was awesome, with nice large pieces of crystalized ginger in it; and bought home a pint of Pistachio Cherry Chocolate Chunk. The color on that is a bit yucky (like a brown/green) but the taste is fabulous with big chunks of cherry and chocolate in a truly fresh tasting pistachio. This is definitely going to be my go-to ice cream place, even though Uncle Louie's and Lia's are both within walking distance.

            I was disappointed they didn't have the Mexican chocolate, hope they have that next time.