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May 7, 2008 09:52 AM

Good hotels with good restaurants short drive from Seattle?

Looking for possible places to put visiting out-of-towners who want to stay outside of Seattle - but not too far (within about an hour's drive/ferry, let's say). They'd like a hotel (any kind) that has a good restaurant as part of it. I'd like to give them a list, and right now what comes to mind are Salish Lodge, Willows Lodge, Inn at Langley, and maybe Heathman.

Any to add to the list?


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  1. I've heard of an Inn at Port Ludlow, but don't know anything more about it.

    1. Alderbrook Resort on the Peninsula. Ultra comfortable rooms and a terrific adventurous restaurant kiitchen. Upgrade the standard sleeping room to the next larger room available.

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        Sooke Harbor House is probably too far, but that's the first place that comes to mind.

      2. The Inn At Port Ludlow is a great little getaway that's just a ferry ride and a drive from Seattle. They have a really great restaurant in the Inn called The Fireside (fresh and sophisticated dining) and then another restaurant a short walk away called the Harbormaster - more of a pub style family friendly restaurant. check out their website at Hope your guests have a great experience!

        1. I have to respond to the suggestion of Port Ludlow. My husband and I used to really enjoy this place. In fact, it's where he proposed to me almost 6 years ago.. We went back a couple months ago and we were sadly disappointed. We arrived late on Friday - after 8pm. We had dinner reservations and while we were waiting for the ferry, it took a couple phone calls to ensure we could still get a meal. (They stop serving between 8:30 and 9pm). We sat in the cozy bar and had terrible wait service with a poorly prepared meal. We were the only ones there. The rooms are comfortable, but we enjoy watching movies and they have tiny tvs. No flat screens here. You can do better somewhere else.

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            I'm glad you posted that Adventure. I'm an exhibit and event manager and I have to admit I passed on Port Ludlow a couple of years ago because I perceived a lack of attention to detail and quality. I simply couldn't subject our sales group to it. The resort sales and catering team is nice enough, but that's not enough. My advice is to approach this place with caution.