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May 7, 2008 09:37 AM

DC Help Tonight - Solo

Travelling to D.C. tonight and staying in Dupont. Willing to travel. I will be alone, so please let me know if any places are better for that. What's great? $50-100 is the budget. I would love something unique to D.C. if that's possible. Thanks!!

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  1. Upstairs at Mark and Orlando's
    The bar at Kinkead's
    The lounge at Citronelle

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    1. re: monavano

      I live in Dupont Circle and dine alone often. Mark and Orlando's is a good choice. I also like the bar at Sette Osteria for Italian or Hank's Oyster Bar for seafood.

      If you are willing to jump on the Metro you can check out Palena, PS7, or Acadiana. I would recommend sitting at the bar for all of these if at all possible.

    2. Go to Kinkead's and get softshell crab. The best item at a great restaurant and they are unique to the DC area.

      1. Tabard Inn, on the south side of the circle, is a lovely place to sit at the bar and dine alone. But do consider hopping on the Metro if you're comfortable and getting to 701.

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          Another good recommendation. But if the weather is nice I suggest eating outside in their beautiful courtyard. I've eaten out there in the past and its so serene and relaxing.

        2. Metro to Michel Richard's Central, at the bar. (taxi back). Ben's Chili Bowl for lunch (under $5). Zaytinya or Proof in Penn Quarter.

          1. unfortunately some of the best places usually aren't good for a last minute reservation. The rec's so far are good but you might consider Ethiopian if you want really unique to DC. There are a couple in Adams Morgan, which is one area over from Dupont and a couple in Georgetown i think. Hopefully some other hounds can help w/ names and recs. Another good choice is Lebanese TAverna in cleveland park, just one metro stop north of dupont on the red line. Middle eastern food isn't unique to DC but not readily available everywhere. After dinner, you might think about stopping in at Veritas wine bar if you are a wine fan, or Kramerbooks & Afterwards if you like other types of drinks and desserts. Circa is also a good place for an al fresco drink.