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May 7, 2008 09:22 AM

News - Bier Markt location on King W

Hi all, I haven't actually been to the Esplenade location but many people seem to like it, so here's the scoop, I saw their liquor licence application in the window at Portland & King where the Amsterdam Brewery used to be...

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  1. Yeah, it's a huge space. They do a great job (for what it is) - They can't help that a lot of young drunk "perfessionals" fill the place. I think it will do great on King West as they are surrounded by lots of hip places. Prime Restaurants is really on a roll with their pubs. The Bier Markt is their biggest revenue generating store in their stable. Like 7 or 8 million last year. I think this one is a bit of a lay up.

    1. they should name the second location miet markt to more accurately portray the clientele and their offerings.

      why in the world would you put bier in the name when you don't even have half or a quarter of the menu selection available at any time! it's not even as some of those beers are special anymore!

      and the young ones i can deal with, it's all the cougars and "grown-up" frat boys that make me stay away.

      1. its not a second location .... it might be for a bit but they are tearing down the original bier market to make for ... wait for it .......


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          Not sure about that... my understanding was that the block behind that row of restaurants on The Esplanade will be demolished, but those historical buildings will be kept intact though floors might be built above them. So The Keg and Le Papillon will be gone, but Fionn McCools, Bier Markt, Scotland Yard, and Old Spaghetti Factory will remain. Would love 100% confirmation on that, though.

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            The Bier Markt on the Esplanade will remain and the King W location is their second location. The venue is significantly smaller than the original and will be open this Monday [Aug 4, 2008] while the patio will open maybe a week or so later.

        2. The Bier Markt has never really struck me as a place to eat, especially not when they charge $35 for steak frites when Le Select (and others) are so close by. Does the food really merit the price tag?

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            I went there a couple of weekends ago with a friend for a few beers. Five draft beers, and the bill was just under $45!! No food, just five draft beers. Ouch!!
            I wouldn't mind paying that price if these were hard to get beers, but these are not very special products generally available elsewhere. They won't be seeing much of me in the future.