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May 7, 2008 09:13 AM

Lunch in Norwich, VT

I will be bringing my husband up to the King Arthur Flour Baking Company in Norwich, VT for Father's Day and it looks as though they just have a bakery on the premises rather than a restaurant. Does anyone know of a nice casual place nearby for lunch? Thanks!

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  1. Hutbug - Simon Pierce has gotten great reviews and is pretty close.

    I'd like to know too! I'm going up on Memorial day weekend to visit relatives and as a late mothers day present I got my wife a class. I'll be killing some time while she's at the class and wondered where I could have lunch. Since I'll be with a toddler, Simon Pierce might not be the best choice.

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      King arthur has great sandwiches, foccacia etc. get some and then take your toddler over to the montshire childrens museum around the corner ... so much fun and you can have a picnic indoors or out in their great gardens.

      1. re: professorbeezer

        Thank You! In fact Montshire was recommended by my cousin and was my initial plan. We'll follow your suggestion with choices from king arthur!

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          no problem the montshire is great - for grown ups too!

    2. Right around the corner (from King Arthur Flour) in the center of Norwich is the Norwich Inn. They also have an on site microbrewery. If you go for a late lunch, there's also a bar menu option.

      Norwich Inn Restaurant
      325 Main Street, Norwich, VT

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        That is a good rec for a nice lunch in that area. If the weather cooperates, you can even sit outside and watch the hops grow. My wife and I stop in for lunch whenever we are passing through the area.