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May 7, 2008 09:12 AM

tempo doeloe in Amsterdam, prices?

I'm looking for a good place for 4 or 5 adults to eat Indonesian in Amsterdam and am considering Tempo Doeloe but cannot find what we could expect to pay. Can anyone help me? We're on a budget. Two Vegetarians, the rest would also be eating meat.

Any help you can give would be great. And if Tempo Doeloe is on the expensive side, please suggest another central restaurant - we're planning to go to a concert afterwards so want to be close.


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  1. Here's a couple of links that might help. The first is a general review and pricing info. The second is the English version of their web page which will allow you to drill down to their menu and prices. The third is a link to another option where we had a family dinner (2 Vegitarian Rijstafels and two meat (forget exactly which). It was all served family style (rijstafels always are I think) and everyone could pick and choose. Everythig was explaiined so the Vegitarians in our group could avoid accidentally getting into some meat. The last is a quick seach against "Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam" from a Virtual Toursit web site.

    Good luck, hope you find somethig that works for you and yours and happy dining!


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      Thanks! I'd been to their website but it didn't post prices - but the other link you gave for Frommers did - thanks so much! And thanks for the other restaurant suggestion.

    2. We had dinner there about a week ago. Absolutelly loved it but when they say it's's SPICY... some in our party had a really hard time of it. We let the hostess order our rijstafel and there was more than enough for 4 people....but not really sure which "combination" we ended up odering. Anyway, the whole meal with desserts and 3 bottles of wine cost 299Euros...not the cheapest but then I think a large chunk of it went on the wine.

      1. You might also enjoy Sama Sebo. I'm not a huge fan of spicy food, and I don't remember our rijstafel there being too overpowering. The staff was very helpful in explaining what was going to appear before me.. and it was a lot of food!

        1. We flew to Amsterdam just to eat at Tempo Doeloe and flew home next day. Great experience.

          We had the standard rijstaffel which included some veggie and some seafood/meat dishes. There was a total of about 20 dishes - but they are each very small. The little bowls come all at once and were ordered by heat and customers are advised to eat mild to hot (of course). With the exception of the final dish, they were mild to moderately hot. And all very enjoyable. The final one was fiercely hot and not an experience I'd be in rush to repeat. Even so, a really good experience. And one I hope to repeat at some point.

          BTW, if I understand the rijstaffel correctly, it's not traditional Indonesian but rather Dutch Colonial brought back to the Netherlands.