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May 7, 2008 08:39 AM

Food Near Wayne State

I'm going to be staying at Wayne State for a convention for about a week. I'm not guarenteed a car yet and I don't have the exact building/address of where we will be located but I was wondering if there are any decent, affordable places to eat. I'm looking for breakfast (perhaps just bagels and coffee), lunch (salads, sandwiches etc), and dinner.

Also, does the People Mover pick up near Wayne State? Because if so I imagine that would widen up the possibilities of places to eat.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. sorry, our lame attempt at public transportation goes nowhere near wayne state. so if you are there with out a car and cannot flag one of the seven cabs that cruise the city, you can try these nearby places:

    union street (woodward)

    majestic theater/garden bowl

    traffcic jam & snug (canfield east of second

    mario's (second sount of canfield

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      Uneven (though often decent) food and can be smoky, but a funky place that captures the spirit of the neighborhood: the Cass Cafe.

      Splurge City: one of the more visually beautiful restaurants around is the Whitney:

      Haven't been since ownership changed, but reviews have been great.

      For breakfast there's a cafe in the bookstore at Warren and Cass, on campus.

    2. Does Avalon Bakery only sell bread and baked goods or can you go there for lunch to get a sandwich etc?

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        Usually focaccia, but no sandwiches. Minimal seating. Great baked goods, though.

        For sandwiches try Zaccaro's Market at 3100 Woodward, but it's too far to walk on lunch hour. Parking in back.