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May 7, 2008 08:29 AM

Mercado Buenos Aires

I just thought this amazing place deserves its own topic. It has been mentioned here before, but maybe not with the attention it deserves. I know it for years, and their food has been consistently good.

They are a deli/restaurant/butcher/mini market, very traditional, makes you feel in Buenos Aires as soon as you open the door. Same Argentinian owners and waiters forever; i guess working 24/7 is actually possible for some people. Argentinian soccer on the TVs probably keeps them going. Don't try to talk about soccer with them, unless you agree Argentina is the best and Maradonna is a demigod.

Foodwise they have all you can expect of an authentic Argentinian place... mollejas, chorizo, chinchulines, fugazzetas, choripan, pan de miga sandwiches. And fresh empanadas, of course. Cheap, quite possibly the best in town.

Don't leave the place without a box of Havanna alfajores. Delicious stuff.


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  1. "Same Argentinian owners and waiters forever"
    Not quite. Pocho Buenos Aires long time gone. Now he was real Argentinian service ( if you know what I mean ).

    "all you can expect ..."
    Well, for starters they stopped allowing BYOB, and as far as I know, it never returned. Didn't get / apply for? a license either.
    I assume it's still like that?

    But foodwise yes, I agree: solid, authentic, good prices.