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May 7, 2008 08:20 AM

Help me on my date! A Saturday Night Out


Ok so I need some help with this date... I'm taking this girl out on Saturday Night, a girl that I really like. I really am conflicted on where to go in the city, but I know I want a nice romantic place but one with a cool atmosphere.

According to her best friend, she wants to see "where I take her", so to me that means she is judging me on this date..lol


P.S~ Not super fancy where there is a jacket and tie dress code.

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  1. Well, first, do you know what she likes (or more specifically, what she doesn't like or is violently allergic to?). You don't want to go crazy with an ethnic food if her idea of ethnic is "Italian or Chinese".

    Of course she's judging you - that happens on ANY date, don't get into a froth about it. And what do you like - it is nice to be exciting about your food, helpful knowing what things are... don't go to a nice French restaurant and go "bouillabaisse - what the heck is that??"

    If she's drinking, see if you can find out her tastes a bit.. if you are ordering wine, ask the waiter or sommelier for advice, and give them a lot of leeway if you are unsure. They'll generally ask gently about a price range so that you don't end up with a $200 bottle, but you don't have to give some specific budget.. just a feel.

    It might help the NY'ers here is they new what part of the island you might be hanging around at.

    Its also can be to do dessert at a separate place, maybe later after you've done something else.

    And on a Saturday night, you might be waiting, if you don't have reservations.. be prepared and make sure neither of you is famished if you have to wait 45 minutes.

    1. BTW - you are unlikely to find jacket/tie places these days unless you are eating at the Ritz Carlton.. just don't wear a hat or gang colors.

      1. Hey,

        Thanks for the quick reply, well I don't know everything that she likes, however, she does eat food like Thai, sushi, etc... I would stay away from the French suggestions or Mexican, simply because I can't handle that food lol.

        She does like wine, red wine to be exact.

        I planned on making a reservation today, would that not be enough time.

        Thanks for your help.

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          Red wine is not exact, but its a start.. after that, she like lighter, perhaps fruitier, or heavier ones, like a cabernat or syrah? You can ask her thoughts of course, and feed them to the wine steward.

          I don't think you are going to get into Babbo or something trendy. I used Open Table on my last visit to NYC and it worked out. Hopefully some residents have suggestions here.. good luck. I did eat at Amma, which is Indian.. enjoyed it alot.. small place, nice lighting. somewhat near the U.N. if I remember.

        2. I believe I may try this place...


          Any reviews of them?

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            Do a search on this board for Apizz. I have not been there but it has many fans. Your problem will be getting a reservation at a popular restaurant for the busiest night of the week on such short notice, so go to Opentable, put in the date and approximate time and see what comes up.

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              By the way, i was trying to make a reservation through Opentable, which I'd used before, and apparently there are more timeslots available if you call the restaurant. So, if you're not getting what you want, try calling.

            2. re: selselnet

              It's very good, and I like the decor/find it romantic.

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                Apizz is fantastic, and I would definitely recommend it as a first date place.

            3. maybe you should consider a wine bar. is there an area of town you want to be in? ed levine just did a write up on serious eats about Terroir. sounds like a good spot. there tons of great wine spots around the city.