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May 7, 2008 08:05 AM

Bachelorette Lunch in Las Vegas - Hip/Fun Spot?

My sister is getting married at the Wynn end of May. I want to host a bachelorette lunch the day of (saturday). I am looking for a hip, busy (younger ppl), and fun food establishment where we can get some good eats. I was thinking Mexican, and know a Dos Caminos recently opened. I've been in NY and the food is good and space is hip, but I have no idea what Palazzo Hotel is and I don't want to be the only ppl in the restaurant. Then I thought maybe the Hard Rock Hotel would be a busier place for lunch? Or perhaps there's a popular spot at another hotel?

Please give me ideas. I want something fun and delicious, but not too upscale, we have a big dinner at Boulud that evening.

Open to any suggestions!

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  1. Regarding Hard Rock, they have that Pink Taco in there that's good and relatively inexpensive Mexican food. Passing by I always see some people in there for lunch, not much, but there might be more on a Saturday when they have Rehab going on at the pool.

    1. Lunch is really a difficult one to recommend if you are looking for hip and young and a scene.. I was at Dos Caminos for dinner on Cinco De Mayo and it was great food and great atmosphere but even at happy hour on Cinco De Mayo not really a scene. I was at Pink Taco for Derby Day and it was pretty empty..although if you can score a patio table you can watch all the boys in bathing suits at the pool. I am not sure Social House is open for Lunch but its very hip and they also have a patio as well

      1. In case anybody reads this, Dos Caminos was great. Obviously it was pretty empty especially b/c it's enormous compared to the NY locations, but the service and food were great and drinks delicious.

        1. I was going to say SushiSamba at the Palazzo, but I can't find any reviews yet. Also it might be empty during the day. N9ne--do they do lunch? They actually have a bacherlorette package, but I think it's really for evenings since they include admission to the Moon Bar.

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            I'd add Mesa Grill at Caesars. I've found it just as good for lunch as for dinner. Seems like a pretty hip crowd and the food is classic Bobby Flay Southwest.

          2. The food is outstanding and the lounge ares has a nice vibe especially if you are not into the Vegas club scene and want a nice place to hang with good food and drinks. My friend was there during the day and said the pancakes were excellent.