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cow hollow

we'll be in cow hollow motor inn in 2 weeks,and would like to know of restaurants within walking distcance (1 mile) of hotel.Dont need anything fancy--like Italian.Looked at the board and see Betelnut,but wonder if there are any others that arent totally full--thanks for usual advice

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  1. On the high end, A16 on Chestnut does some of the best Italian in the city. Try the burrata. If you can't get into A16, which is pretty busy, I've had good meals at Emporio Rulli across the street, though there are reports of atrocious service. On the low end, I love the gourmet sausages at What's Up Dog. I also really enjoy the sandwiches at Lucca Italian Delicatessen on Chestnut. Pluto's just off Chestnut is another tasty and inexpensive option -- love the fresh turkey sandwiches.

    1. Rose's Cafe

      1. A16 (in the Marina, but within walking distance of Cow Hollow) on Chestnut, or Capannina on Union Street in Cow Hollow.

        1. For classic, simple Mom and Pop Italian we like Parma at 3314 Steiner St. For a classic French bistro with a cozy neighborhood atmosphere, try Chez Maman at 2223 Union Street. For great basics like roasted chicken and steak and a great back patio atmosphere try Bistro Aix at 3340 Steiner St. For fantastic Mexican and a lively atmosphere try Mamacita at 2317 Chestnut St.

          1. Amici's Pizza on Lombard St --- this may be across the street from the inn.

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              to ALL THANks somuch.Ive made reservations at A16 for sunday night.I will definitely try the others as well--we love patio dining and do it alot here in Atlanta,so Bistro Aix looks interesting as well.Anymore specific food suggestions will be appreciated--I will report out after we get abck--thanks again--love chow hound

            2. For casual, but tasty, meals in that area, I tend to go to either Pacific Catch (2027 Chestnut at Fillmore) or Aux Delicies for Vietnamese (2327 Polk between Green and Union.) Personally, I've never had a bad meal at either one, and both are pretty inexpensive and also great for lunch.

              Pacific Catch
              2027 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA 94123

              Aux Delices
              2327 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109

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                Cow Hollow Motor in on Lombard is between two neighborhoods ... Cow Hollow (Union Street) and the Marina (Chestnut Street). I find Chestnut more interesting,.

                Anyway here are some of the Cow Hollow restaurants with websites.

                Roses Cafe gets good reports for breakfast. Stay away from Mel's which is awful all times of the day. La Boulange is a local bakery chain ... but in a good way. Skip Pasta Pomodoro and That takes the cake just got a 'meh' mention for dryiish cupcakes.

                On the Marina side

                Everybody seems to like the burrata at A16. I like Judy's Cafe for breakfast which has a nice pumpkin bread. Some people like Home Plate for breakfast but I've never been a fan.

              2. Ottimista Enoteca.

                Ottimista Enoteca
                1838 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94123

                1. On Lombard at Scott is Yukol Place Thai cuisine. Haven't been here after kids were born but used to love it. For a little dessert or snack, try Kara's Cupcakes on Scott between Lombard & Chestnut. I really like their sweet vanilla...not your ordinary "yellow cake".


                  1. We had a terrific lunch and a pleasant walk today in Cow Hollow and the Marina. We started with hot dogs at What’s Up Dog corner of Fillmore and Filbert. They use Schwartz’s 8” all beef dogs. The NY Dog and the Chili Cheese Dog were both very good. They also have hot links, linguica, bratwurst, kielbasa, tofurkey and more. www.whatsupdogs.com

                    We then took a pleasant stroll over to Kara’s Cupcakes on Scott between Lombard and Chestnut. We had the chocolate salt and the chocolate coconut with good Flying Goat coffee. These cupcakes may be the best I’ve ever had. They were messy however, since they were so fresh they all but fell apart when we tried to share them. They are a bit pricy at $3.00 each, but we were so impressed, we walked out with another six in a box. http://karascupcakes.com

                    1. you folks are terrific--thanks so much.Im beginning to doubt my choice of A16--Im now briinging along another couple who are a little uncomfortible in a higher end restaurant.I cant tell from the website but A16 may be too high end for them--looks like Parma,Bistro Aix or Cappanina might be better--we'll be alone Monday night and will try A16 then.Any thought would be appreciated--thanks again--bob

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                        Don't second guess A16. The prices are high end but it's a casual and unpretentious place. Unless it's a cost issue, I'd give it a shot.

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                          Agreed - the place has a very casual and bustling atmosphere, closely set tables and a fair amount of noise. Not higher end at all, and definitely comparable to Capannina.

                      2. We often stay at Cow Hollow, and we have enjoyed dinners at "Baker Street Bistro". It's small, so reservations might be a good idea on weekends. Wine by the glass or bottle is reasonably priced, and I believe that they have pre-fix dinners on the weekends. A bit of a walk but certainly within your range...go all the way down Chestnut, then turn left, cross Lombard at Baker and it's about a block up the street on the right.
                        Second the Lucca's deli. We always grab a couple of sandwiches there for the flight back east.
                        Betelnut is very good, but it is noisy. Weekdays aren't so bad.
                        Don't be afraid of Muni buses. We get a week pass on Monday and ride all week with our Muni map, available at the cable car kiosk at Fisherman's Wharf or the tourist office on Market. You can grab Muni downtown from Chestnut/Fillmore (#30) or out to Sunset/Richmond from Lombard/Filmore (#28). So little time, so much to eat!!

                        1. We just stayed at the Cow Hollow Motor Inn 4/30-5/2. Home Plate for breakfast had gotten rave reviews but I didn't think it was anything special. Rose's Cafe charges $5 for a cup of tea at $9 for French toast but they were the best tea and French toast we've ever eaten! Bistro Aix is a stone's throw from the motor inn. We said on the back patio which is noisy but very pleasant. Try the cracker crust pizza--delicious. For our last dinner we ate at Plumpjack Cafe--our meal was wonderful, service was great and the apple tart was the best I've ever eaten. Have a great trip!

                          1. I would reccomend Laiola, on Chestnut next to Pacific Catch. Fantastic Spanish tapas. From 5-6 every night they have $5 cocktails/wine and small plates. Definitely try their housemade ham plate and fresh cheese with grilled bread, both outstanding.

                            1. Report---all the info was very helpful.Went to A16, very good and convenient.We stayed at Cow Hollow Inn, which was fantastic, and within walking distance of lots of food spots.Bistr0 Aix was very good, tried a shrimp special with artichoke hearts,and they left many of the artichoke leaves in it--made it hard to chew,but very tasty.Judys Cafe was perfect.Got up too early the first day and the only place open was Mels--found it fine for what we needed, bagel/egg sandwich.Took the tourist trip to Fishermans wharf, and just dropped into Franciscan for early lunch with my 2 year old grandson in tow.I found the dungeness crab excellent,view was fantasic,right on the waters edge,parking convenient,service excellent.REcommended highly.Finally some in our group wanted German,so we went to Schnitzelhaus on 9th st.Seemed like a real German spot, the rouladen was best,i had jaeger schnitzel which was very good,real potatoe dumplings and spatlese,and great German beer.Small place but very good food.thanks again for all the help

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                                Thanks for reporting back ... especially on the Franciscan. We get too few Fisherman Wharf reports. I like the mussels at one of the other restaurants in the Franciscan restaurant group.

                                Also, someone just asked about the crab at The Franciscan, so it was nice to have a report.

                                Also, thanks for the update on Judy's. I haven't been in a while but was a regular for the many years I lived in SF. Other than one off-year, they were reliably good.

                                Franciscan Restaurant
                                Pier 43 1/2, San Francisco, CA 94133

                                Mel's Drive-In
                                2165 Lombard St, San Francisco, CA 94123

                                294 9th St, San Francisco, CA

                                Judy's Cafe
                                2268 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA 94123

                                Bistro Aix
                                3340 Steiner St, San Francisco, CA 94123

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                                  Again, thanks for all the inputs.Also went to Luccas deli on chestnut several times--great deli sandwiches.On the crab, we got the whole crab,2lbs,and it was cooked in a sauce Ive never tasted before,so it didnt need any butter at all.,The waiter told me that they deep fry the whole crab,and then let it soak in this sauce--he tried to tellme how they made the sauce,but i couldnt follow him.My wife,who hates crab told me she couldnt even smell the crab,and usually with fish (i catch my own alot), if it smells at all its either frozen or not fresh.Had calamari as well,and it too was excellent--my nephew had the mussels,which i tasted,and they were great as well.We werent expecting much,and actually went in because it was so cold out,too cold for the 2 years old,so it was even more enjoyable.The whole crab was $35,but it was worth it.

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                                    You can request a complimentary copy of the Franciscan menu cookbook by sending your mailing address to comments@franciscanrestaurant.com . It's more like an illustrated menu and list of ingredients than a real cookbook. The part that describes the roasted crab says that the garlic sauce for it is a secret.

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                                      thanks---I thought it looked roasted and not deep fried,and he did say something about garlic and olive oil for the sauce--ill get the book