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May 7, 2008 07:55 AM

cow hollow

we'll be in cow hollow motor inn in 2 weeks,and would like to know of restaurants within walking distcance (1 mile) of hotel.Dont need anything fancy--like Italian.Looked at the board and see Betelnut,but wonder if there are any others that arent totally full--thanks for usual advice

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  1. On the high end, A16 on Chestnut does some of the best Italian in the city. Try the burrata. If you can't get into A16, which is pretty busy, I've had good meals at Emporio Rulli across the street, though there are reports of atrocious service. On the low end, I love the gourmet sausages at What's Up Dog. I also really enjoy the sandwiches at Lucca Italian Delicatessen on Chestnut. Pluto's just off Chestnut is another tasty and inexpensive option -- love the fresh turkey sandwiches.

    1. Rose's Cafe

      1. A16 (in the Marina, but within walking distance of Cow Hollow) on Chestnut, or Capannina on Union Street in Cow Hollow.

        1. For classic, simple Mom and Pop Italian we like Parma at 3314 Steiner St. For a classic French bistro with a cozy neighborhood atmosphere, try Chez Maman at 2223 Union Street. For great basics like roasted chicken and steak and a great back patio atmosphere try Bistro Aix at 3340 Steiner St. For fantastic Mexican and a lively atmosphere try Mamacita at 2317 Chestnut St.

          1. Amici's Pizza on Lombard St --- this may be across the street from the inn.

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              to ALL THANks somuch.Ive made reservations at A16 for sunday night.I will definitely try the others as well--we love patio dining and do it alot here in Atlanta,so Bistro Aix looks interesting as well.Anymore specific food suggestions will be appreciated--I will report out after we get abck--thanks again--love chow hound