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May 7, 2008 07:46 AM

Charlotte-Antonny's On 7th St

I have been going to this place since high school. My husband and I went a month ago and had dinner, only to find out that this location has been bought out and everything has been changed. The tablecloths, the plates, the recipes, everything. The rotisserie racks in the window were being used liek heat lamps, filled with chicken that had been cooked in the kitchen that was slowly drying out. A few of the menu items, we were told, were no longer available, like the flavored teas. We both ordered the standard Antonny's chicken and received crisp-skinned, pan fried, herbed chicken. No rotisserie, bland sides, dried out meat. I wanted to cry. I asked the cashier if the place had changed management, he said yes. I asked if the other stores were still under the old management, he said yes. The guy in line behind me piped up and says he was wondering the same thing. I guess that guy was just as disappointed.

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    I had no idea. I'm a little confused. Do you think they sold the 7th Street location to a franchisee? They're obviously trying to make a go of franchising, according to their web site. And the first one stinks? Not a good sign. I was never very impressed with that place.

    1. I go to that Anntony's a lot, since I live in the neighborhood. In fact, I've been going since it opened over 20 years ago. I did notice recently that management seemed to change. I didnt notice any other differences with the decor and the menu. I did notice, however, the the quality of the food had dipped (which I can say has been the case for a while; even beofre the new management). My chicken was dry, and my calaloo greens and black-eyed peas and rice were bland (the black-eyed peas and rice were dry as well). I usually do takeout there, and the guy behind the counter was very nice, so that was good. I also noticed they started doing specials, which looked pretty good. The last time I was there, the special was ox tail and some sides that weren't on the menu. I'll go back, but hopefully they can get things right with the food they always served.

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        The waitress raved that they had a new Jamaican chef. The sides were definitely bland. But the texture and seasoning of the chicken was completely divorced from the way I've had it for the past 14 or so years. The chicken was not moist and kind-of sticky like it normally is, it was fried w/ crispy skin. There was not a drop of Antonny's sauce on it. We ordered the quarter dark rotisserie like always and got pan fried chicken. Our sides were the potato salad, which was like a typical mayo/mustard slaw w/ no spice at all. We also got the black beans which were not seasoned at all and I ordered the special side, sweet potato casserole, which partially mashed and had no pepper, butter salt, sugar or anything at all. Nothing we ordered was recognizable - nothing tasted like Antonny's. Maybe the Jamaican chef they kept trying to sell the dining room on needs to take a modesty pill and stick to the program.

        I've been to the location off of Harris and they had all of the standard Antonny's menu items and wvetything was done in the correct Antonny's style. I'll just have to make the trip across town instead of right around the corner on 7th St.

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          I guess you and I are neighbors. Well, at least there are some other VERY good Jamaican joints in the area: Austin's and Mama'a. And Addie's isn't far away.