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May 7, 2008 07:02 AM

LaGroceria, Cambridge closing...

I think I heard this right....the Groceria is closing its doors after almost 40 years. Craigie Street Bistro will be opening in its location. Anyone else hear this? Do I have my information correct?

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  1. Yes, the Craigie Street Bistro should be opening there sometime this fall. I'm not sure exactly when La Groceria is closing, though. Has anyone heard any exact date?

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      I was there last night - the closing is May 18. I've gone there off and on for the past 22 years, and always liked it. I'm not going to argue about how it compares with the N. End, just that it's always done right by me.

      Craigie on Main apparently opens in September.

    2. Sad to see LaGroceria going, but thrilled if it's true about Craigie Street.

      Postings on the Craigie Street blog from last week confirm it.

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      1. re: zizzpudding

        La Groceria gave up the ghost a long time ago. Now if only someone would do something with the old Nightstage building across the street.

        1. re: tomgaroo

          We used to be regulars at La Groceria before and after their renovations (actually had out wedding rehersal dinner there back in the day) but sometime in the 90's they went down the toilet. I really don't know why...perhaps the original family sold it? Nonetheless, it's bittersweet to see it go after such a long time. We had many good memories there and the food was pretty good. I am happy CSB is moving in as their current basement digs doesn't do it justice from a space and visibility standpoint.

          1. re: Sal Monella


            Back in the 80's this was my "go to" place for really nice Italian food and their great hot antipasto table. Somewhere along the line they went from reliable and intersting to absolutely awful. I last went about 6 years ago and could not believe just how terrible it had become. One of the worst dining experiences ever (and there have been many to choose from). Too bad because it was once a nice destination for a change of pace.

          2. re: tomgaroo

            They're doing someting w/ that Nightstage building, as the last time I went by there it was gone and there's a hole in the ground ;) I'm guessing condos.

            1. re: jgg13

              I had always hoped Nightstage would be revitalized, but I understand there were some environmental issues, either with the site or the building itself. It was only a matter of time, though, before some developer bit the bullet. Won't miss La Groceria much. I recall I liked it alot when I was just out of high school -- I had pretty low standards back then.

              1. re: Kbee

                When I first moved back to the Boston area (~10 years ago), my understanding was also that the Nightstage was going to be re-opened. Then for a while they had one of those "public notice" signs up and then it went down and it just continued to sit there.

                1. re: jgg13

                  The site has (had?) significant environmental problems and the sales fell through.

                  I thought La Groceria survived very well given the extreme difficulty of parking near the restaurant on the busy Friday and Saturday nights.

                  1. re: lergnom

                    I still long for Central Sq. of the mid-90's when you could ALWAYS get a spot in one of those lots. It's such a drag, esp. with half of it dug up (par for the course for that area).

                    1. re: lergnom

                      Not just the parking either, but its tucked so out of the way in central square. Heck, I live right in central and I have almost never gone there simply because it isn't really noteworthy *enough* to get into my conciousness when i'm looking around and trying to figure out what i want to eat.

          3. Wow, I'd be soo excited if Craigie St Bistro moved in next door. As much as I'd love a lunch option, LaGroceria was the tiredest (probably not a word?) of tired restaurants.

            1. Another carcus buried, I remember, in the 80's, when there were lines to get in. We NElanders are demanding and discriminating. It's got to be consistantly excellent to survive and keep our loyality.