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May 7, 2008 06:49 AM

Long-distance gift for 21-year-old

Hey hounds,
We live in Florida, stepson is turning 21 this week in Colorado Springs. He wants something cool, like a Jack Daniels gift set, but unfortunately we can't exactly stick that in the mail.

I thought of sending him a gift card for a national liquor store chain, but I couldn't find one that has branches both here and there.

Any ideas? How else does one send liquor from afar?

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  1. My suggestion would be to look for a high-end liquor store in Colorado Springs online, call them and purchase a gift card over the phone, then tell the lucky boy he has to go pick it up. An alternative would be to call one of his friends and ask them to buy it for you.

    1. Some wineries will ship.. but if the kid is turning 21, fine cabernet isn't probably worth it. To be honest, get him a personal breathalizer and tell him to stay off the roads. You could also get him glassware - like a set of pilsner or pint glasses, or barware, like a Boston shaker..

      1. I live in Boulder, CO and recently purchased some items from They shipped it direct to my door via UPS with now problems.

        1. Hello, I'm not sure if its to late for my reply but several things. I'm not sure if your step son is living on a campus somewhere for school- if so it's got a good idea to have the package saying it was sent from liqour store of wine chain wether it be national or local.

          I would get a set locally wrap it in bubble wrap, mark as fragile and sent it off. If its wrapped properly it will be fine.