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May 7, 2008 06:40 AM

Help me find a restaurant for graduation dinner!

Hey everyone,

I'm graduating in two weeks, and I need to get my dinner reservation made! I've got a million and one restaurants for regular old eating, but I haven't really done any special occasion stuff, so I'm at a loss...I'd recognize a lot of the names, but I don't know who'd be good for what.

When I was a freshman I'd think about graduation and always pictured something cool like Top of the Hub, but I don't even know if it's any good, and I feel like we can find something really great.

Here are the parameters:

There will be 6 of us, so we don't need a huge room or anything. Most of us are fairly adventurous eaters, and like creative ideas (maybe not savory foam-creative, but it could be on the interesting side). The only problem is my grandma, who is an old off-the-boat German lady, and doesn't like things that she didn't have before the age of 20, (so german type food, italian, and early 60s american blah) so there needs to be some sort of safe meat (which she will order medium-well :( ) and potatoes (or pasta, or rice) type of option. We don't all have to eat meat and potatoes, just as long as there's an option.

I'm graduating at the Wang, and I know that there isn't a lot of great stuff in general near the theatre district, except for asian, which probably wouldn't fly too well (she will eat Japanese though, cause katsu is basically schnitzel), but anywhere that we could get to in the general city area is fine (I can give them a city adventure on the T), or if something is a really genius idea, we can drive outside of the city.

As it is my day, I love just about everything, but especially seafood, italian, japanese, thai, italian and mexican (which probably won't happen, it's hard enough to find a good taqueria, let alone a nice, sit-down mexican...but maybe you'll surprise me!)

Fancy would be nice, but fun and special where people aren't unhappy with their food is most important.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Due to Grandma's constraints, I would suggest the North End for Italian (Prezza, Mamma Maria, Very high end Italian at Sorellina or a nice steakhouse in the Back Bay (Oak Room, Abe and Louie's, Grill 23, etc). The Oak Room is an elegant room and would be a very special experience.

    1. Eastern Standard in Kenmore would be a good fit. Lively, bustling, and celebratory, they have a delicious and eclectic menu with a little something for everyone. And your grandma will be pleased to know they occasionally even have a very tasty schnitzel entree special.

      1. I recently have a lovely dinner at Pigalle. We went on a Sunday, and one of the entree choices was Hungarian goulash with parsley spƤtzle! I seriously think most restaurants will have some "safe" entrees for people who aren't too adventurous, unless you go to a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown.

        Other places near the Wang are Via Matta (safe Italian), Avila (mediterranean), Rustic Kitchen.

        1. Probably one of the steakhouses would be a good choice... perhaps either Grill 23 or KO Prime? They both offer tons of different side options ranging from potatoes to vegetables. I know KO Prime has schnitzel on the menu... worth a shot. Also, Sorellina, as bakerboyz suggested is excellent high end Italian!

          1. I went to a graduation dinner last year at Davio's and it was fantastic. There would definitely be something for Grandma there.

            They are on Arlington Street so I don't think it's too far from the Wang.