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May 7, 2008 06:35 AM

Traveling through PA on 78 to 81 - help?

We will be driving to Staunton, VA from Connecticut to pick up my Stepdaughter from college next week. We usually get hungry around Harrisburg, but have yet to find any place good to stop and get a bite to eat. Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Anything from Allentown to Harrisburg is usually a good stopping place - and we would drive a bit out of our way if it was worthwhile.

Thanks all you PA chowhounders!

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  1. Well, Haag's Hotel in downtown Shartlesville is probably the most distinctive. Good (in the case of Breakfastvery good) Pa dutch food served family style in an old hotel.
    Other good bets are Country oven off the Linglestown exit at the Best Western for basic dine plus type food, Chris diner on old route 22 (Tilghman street) just west of Allentown, which is agreek diner with superior diner food and in Downtown Allentown WERTS cafe for superior burgers.
    The highlight of your drive however should be stopping at Dietrichs Market off the Krumsville exit for home cured Pa dutch meats and poultry and other excellant Pa dutch specialties.(their bread and butter pickles are the best I've ever had)Be sure to bring a cooler

    1. Several decent places in the Harrisburg area. Downtown Harrisburg is only about 10 minutes from I-81 (Front Street south exit), and good lunch choices there include Bricco, Mangia Qui and El Sol. Closer to the highway (Front Street north exit) are Morgan's Place (so-so food, but big selection and nice deck overlooking the river) and Glass Lounge (redneck steakhouse, but good, cheap burgers. Ambiance is a lot better on the deck). Both are on Front Street. Right after you pass Harrisburg (US 15 north to US 322 towards Harrisburg) is Micheal's (yes, it's the right spelling). Micheal's is about 15 minutes from I-81.

      1. If you are near Bethlehem, the Hotel Bethlehem on Main Street is nice for lunch. The hotel is historic and has been renovated. The casual restaurant is in the lobby. Haag's Hotel is a good suggestion for something different. Other truly local places between Bethlehem and Harrisburg include the Virginville Hotel in Virginville, the Port Clinton Hotel in Port Clinton, and the Fairview Inn in West Catasauqua. We were at the Fairview Inn when they had pierogies available from the local church. In addiiton to those already mentioned, there are a number of places in Harrisburg, especially along Second Street downtown.

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          I second the Hotel Bethlehem. In addition if you like brewpubs the BREWWORKS, located at Main and Broad in Bethlehem is worthwhile. Good microbrews and better than average food.

        2. Thanks for the help everyone!