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May 7, 2008 06:32 AM

Rosie's Wine Bar in Garwood

Seriously overpriced for the food and service level. I went to Rosie's the first week it opened and then a few times after. The food portion & serivce deteriorated seriously over about two months. The last time I went the service was a complete joke and the restaruant was almost empty that night! As for the food, I can understand that wine is the focus, not food, but the portion size went from small to 'are you serious' ? Of course the prices remained the same. Granted, this may be the way they intended the portions to be, but compared to the first month, it was a bit shocking. If you find a wine that you like there, I'm sure you can ask your local liquor store or favorite restaurant to order for much less -- and Rosie's $15 corkerage fee on top of the price of the wine??? Give me a break!
Rosie's can not compare to 16 Prospect (used to be Trattoria) in Westfield where the service and staff are consistently top knotch and friendly. And the food portion at 16 Prospect is in proportion with the price.
I think originally Rosie's had a shot at being a nice addition to the area until they got greedy and dismissive w/the customers. That style doesn't work for the general Westfield/Cranford etc restaurant goers. I give new restaurants 3 visits. Rosie's seems to be getting progressively worse and they've got 3 strikes in my book..

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  1. I unfortunately have to agree. I went Sat. night with the DH and were not impressed at all with the food. We had the appetizer portions of the sliders, asian shrimp skewers, hummus and the sweet potato skins. The sliders were extremely much so that we didn't finish them. The asian shrimp skewers and the hummus were unremarkable. The sweet potato skins with cheese and sausage were the best of the lot, but were pub food at best. Not what we were hoping for.

    My husband doesn't drink, so I ordered from the by the glass selection. Reasonably priced and a good number of wines on the list. I would only go back if we were going for cocktails alone.

    1. I went there with a friend at 7:30 on a Saturday night and we had a really good experience. Even though the place was packed (I’d suggest calling for a reservation if you want a table), the host, who I think was the owner, was very friendly. We were just there to drink so stood at the bar for a little bit until some stools opened up. The bartender was friendly, helpful and attentive -- no complaints there. We tried four wines by the glass from the cheap list, and I found them all very good -- one surprisingly pleasant. And they give very generous pours, so again, no complaints. The place has a good vibe -- almost all young-ish adults, couples, friends, all kinds of combos, and most people were stylishly but casually dressed. There certainly was a fair amount of talking but never felt overly loud. It mellowed out as the night wore on and was half empty by 11ish when we left. I’d definitely go back -- would still like to try the food.