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May 7, 2008 05:41 AM

Wed night specials in Baltimore?

Hubby and I are thinking of going out tonight. Can any one recommend freebies or half-pricers that we could take advantage of? We're in Roland Park, but willing to drive to surrounding city/county areas. What can I say- wallet is thin these days!

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  1. Not sure how up to date it is, but this blog has a list of mid-week specials:

    One that I keep meaning to try but haven't is the Wed. $12.95 NY strip + sides at Don't Know Tavern in SoBo. If anyone has tried this place at all I'd like to hear a report.

    A lot of places run their weekly specials in City Paper, so you might try thumbing through that.

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      Check out Abacrombie. They used to offer their entire wine list at 1/2 price on Wednesdays.

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        JonParker - I went to Don't Know on Saturday night and it was one of the two worst meals I've had in my 7+ years of living in Baltimore. Seriously...

        I'm hoping they were having a bad night as I hate to report a terrible meal, but there is little to say from a positive perspective. First and foremost, I should note that I had been looking forward to trying it. We were seated at a wonderful table - a 4 top pub table overlooking Light St. right next to some large open windows. It was a perfect evening to sit there with the windows open so we had a good start to the meal. All went down hill from there. I don't even know where to begin so I'll try and be brief with details.

        All four of us ordered salads to start. Twenty-five minutes later (and I am not exagerrating because I was so angry that I watched the clock), our server came to the table to inform us that the chef "just" realized they are out of romaine so those who ordered the caesar salad would need to change their appetizers. This affected two out of the four of us. Orders were changed - 3 caprese and one spinach.

        The four salads then came...wait...wait...another twenty minutes later. I swear to you. During this time another server stopped by our table to see if we had ordered yet. The caprese was beautifully served but different than your typical caprese. It seemed to have been composed by layers in a cup and then placed on the plate. It was, by far, the best dish tasted that evening. The spinach salad was just big and sloppy. It was run of the mill.

        Here were the four dishes ordered: ultimate grilled cheese, coalminer's pizza, hummus wrap and the grilled Italian panini. Now, none of us went for the excellent sounding sliders on the menu so I can't comment on those. Nor, did we go for any of the specials. But, after screwing up the basic food we all ordered, I'm so glad no one went with any of those things. There is no reason to spend any type of money at this restaurant given the poor quality of food.

        Alas, I digress. On to the entrees served about 15 minutes after our salads were cleared.

        Ok...the hummus wrap was basically tasteless. There was a light smear of what appeared to be the store bought Cedar's red pepper hummus. For some reason...whether it was the cucumbers, type of wrap used or light use of the was missing a lot of something. I "Don't Know?" how such a simple sandwish can go wrong, but somehow it did.

        The ultimate grilled cheese was made with basic loaf store bought white bread and there was nothing ultimate about it. It was small (probably due to the bread), but also had a miniscule slice of bacon. And, whether or not it was applewood smoked bacon is in question. Plus, fries are $2 extra. HUH? What pub/tavern charges extra for fries - whether they're garlic fries or not?

        The coalminer's pizza was proportionally as small as the bacon on the grilled cheese. It's tiny. Really. And, it appears to be prepared in a pre-made shell where the edges come up on the sides to form a crust. It was just...weird.

        And...that poor Italian grilled panini. Half of it went uneaten. It was sad.

        The only positive? Our server was very apologetic. Clearly, something was going on in the kitchen and he was the bearer of bad news.

        In summary, if Don't Know? wants to be taken as a cool place to hang out with some serious pub grub, the food is going to have to match how well it reads on the menu. They do offer some very tempting items, but I doubt they can deliver. Also, the music was really loud. It's as though they're having an identity crisis. Are they a place for twenty-somethings to sling back beers while loud music plays in the background OR are they a cool place to share drinks with friends and grab some intelligent, tasty pub grub?

        We all kept gazing longingly across the street at Bicycle saying how we wished we were eating there instead of at Don't Know?. Oh well.

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          I've heard some mixed things about it, which is one reason I've never made it there even though I live a couple of blocks away. Your report is depressing. I'll make it eventually, but from what you say I shouldn't be in a hurry.

        1. 1) Pazza Luna has a $10 pasta special on Wendesdays
          2) Helen's Garden has $12 entrees on Wednesdays
          3) Peter's Inn does half price wine Wednesdays on both bottles and glasses

          1. Call to see if they are still ongoing:

            Copra 1/2 price burgers
            Geckos $10 Entrees
            Porters 2 entrees for $22
            Waterfront $15 steak night
            Slainte $8 pot pies
            Green Turtle $3 off burgers
            Claddagh Steak Night
            Ryleighs $20 Price Fix

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              Captain Larry's on Fort Ave.(SoBo) has half-priced crab cakes on Weds. IMHO their crab cakes rank towards the tops in town.