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May 7, 2008 03:56 AM

Asheville & area updates

Things seem to be progressing slowly for 28806's move to downtown. I think the anticipated June opening will end up being sometime closer to mid-summer, but isn't that always the way of construction.
Hear whispers of problems w/ La Caterina...may not be around much longer.
Cucina 24 on Wall St. seems to have gotten some good reviews for a new spot.
Vigne seems to be falling apart...may need to rethink the concept of a high end restaurant and stick more w/ a high end bar.
French Broad Taqueria out in Marshall has paved the area for outside dining.
Curras in Woodfin looks to be off to a good start for a higher end Nuevo Mex place with some interesting entrees and a full bar (like Limones used to be)
The Chop House (in the old Best Western) has opened...recent review by Rick McDaniel didn't make me want to run out and try it.

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  1. nine mile in montford (in piper's old location) will open within the next 2-3 weeks. i'm still fuzzy on the concept (i do know it's jamaican/caribbean), so won't go into it yet. i do, however, know that it will be table service, beer & wine (no liquor due to the sole unisex bathroom), and the prices will be reasonable ($6-16).

    the admiral's outdoor area is either ready or very nearly so.

    tomato's outdoor area is open and very nice. they will have a liquor license very soon (maybe by this weekend).

    very fuzzy on this one, but i believe a breakfast/brunch place will open in the old s&w within a few weeks.

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      S&W building is going to be called Steak&Wine

      1. re: mark

        nine mile is now open! 11:30am to 10:00pm, 7 days a week.

        menu (with prices) available here:

      2. Also 28806 has a new (and IMHO, excellent) chef as of a couple weeks ago.