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La Cocina Orinda Update

susancinsf May 6, 2008 09:55 PM

Hubby and I stopped into this restaurant for dinner before our regular first Monday of the month meeting at the Orinda Library across the street....hadn't been in perhaps a year and was really craving their albondigas. Here's my report from my fist visit several years ago:


Of course, we totally forgot that it was Cinco de Mayo, and the place was packed...but though it was packed we got the last two top...

Unfortunately, menu seems to have changed, and I am pretty sure the chef has as well. The albondigas were a disappointment: broth was too thick: almost sauce like in consistency, probably thickened with cornstarch, bland, and lacking in vegetables: just a few small pieces of squash and potatoes. The meatballs lacked flavor and herbs.

I also got chicken taquitos. Served with decent guacamole and sour cream to dip, but no salsa. The shredded chicken in the taquitos was plain; just sort of a bland dish, especially without salsa. Hubby did enjoy his fajitas, though I didn't taste them, not being a fajitas fan....

Total with tax but before tip for three beers, taquitos, fajitas, and albondigas was about $43.

Verdict: not bad, but no longer dreamy.

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    Marc Wallace May 11, 2008 09:27 AM

    The one time I forgot it was Cinco de Mayo and went to a normally good Mexican place, the food was pretty mediocre -- I think they just get overwhelmed.

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      susancinsf May 11, 2008 09:31 AM

      I thought about that; but in truth it has been surprisingly busy every time I've been, especially for a Monday night. (I only have been on Mondays, since I go when I am attending a meeting at the library on Mondays). It is very popular with families, but isn't really big enough for lots of families (only has about ten or twelve tables).

      And, since the broth for the soup is made ahead, I don't think that can be blamed on Cinco de Mayo....

    2. rworange May 7, 2008 08:36 PM

      Thanks for the update. Too bad it slipped.

      La Cocina Mexicana
      23 Orinda Way Ste H, Orinda, CA 94563

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