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May 6, 2008 09:19 PM

Malt Syrup

Anyone know where I can purchase malt syrup for my bagel recipe?

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  1. Try Noahs Health Food Store
    They have lots of different Syrups.....

    1. Ambrosia in Thornhill has it, and Whole Foods has it by the name "barley malt syrup".

      1. Any brew your own beer place will have several types, canned or in bulk.

        1. any luck finding barley malt syrup? preferably downtown are, - I too require it for a bagel recipe
          Thanks in advance!

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            You can find malt syrup at House of Spice in Kensington, or at most health food stores. I like to eat the syrup with a spoon, mmmn.

            1. re: kiwiFRUIT

              I phoned them and they said they didn't carry you have any other nearby suggestions? THanks in advance!

          2. Don't forget that you can also use Dried Malt Extract...this is what I keep on hand for baking and it is much easier to store.
            The results are identical to syrup .
            Both syrup and dried are readily available in ANY home brew shop.

            If you venture into Chinatown, You can also find "malt flour" which is sold in just about every Asian grocery store I've been's not exactly the same as malt extract, but works absolutely just as well in bagels and other baked goods. I bought a 2 lb bag for under $3.00.

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            1. re: The Professor

              Thanks for the info?

              Lets say a reciped calls for 50 grams (just a random quantity) of barley malt syrup, how would figure out how much of the dried extract to use in its place?