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May 6, 2008 09:09 PM

Do you like sausage?

always on the lookout for great eats, specifically artisanal/ "old school" type stuff, i came across a great find today. in of all places, lacey.

the german butcher in lacey was FANTASTIC !
while very unassuming from the outside we had heard that this place did things the old fashioned way and couldn't wait. located on lacey rd right off old rt 9.

at first glance, looks like a usual deli with the usual suspects. it was however, very busy for the time of the day. we looked around a bit, saw many imported german products and prepared foods. we asked to meet the owner and were obliged quite promptly by "wolfgang". He was very kind and proud not to use anything "funny", no msg etc...

he got one of his help to take us on what seemed like an eternity to "walk" through all the products they make in house. which, by the way, is almost everything. wursts, sausages of all kids, hot dogs, bacon(so much lean, i almost thought it wasn't bacon) spanish style chorizo, head cheeses (sweet and sour varieties, both excellent), and even BOLOGNA ! i couldn't believe it..... 2 kinds no less, one a fine puree and the other had a few bits of larger muscle(some looked like tongue). i think we bought one of everything they made. we were even given a sample of "lon jaeger"? (spelling probably way off). it was a beef jerky like no other i had ever had. moist, delicate (true) smoke flavor that was soul satisfying. heck, wolfgang even brought us out a sample of the prime london broil he uses for roast beef, not bad eh?

we got home and i immediately got to cooking the following: a knockwurst, bratwurst, hot dog, jalapeno cheese hot dog(oh yea babe), hot italian sausage, sun-dried tom turkey sausage, another turkey sausage and "snacked" on the homemade bologna. the bologna was so light ! not too fatty and great flavor. the other was equally delicious with more spice to it. the head cheeses were both great but the sour one was a contender for the winner of the day. will report on the rest when my heart starts to beat again.

all in all, everything was fantastic. the service all around was helpful, clean, efficient and smiling. the owner was gracious with his time and we will be going back very soon i am sure. much to my doctor's dismay. they do have a restaurant within as well. please go see for yourself as these type of establishments are disappearing quickly, which is a shame.

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  1. chefMD, we buy ALL of our meats from Wolfgang...he rules! Everything is top quality, the service excellent, and the variety is amazing. One of our favorite items is his "beef on a stick", exquisitely tender beef threaded onto a skewer and marinated in a teriyaki-type sauce...we served it at a barbecue and it was vaccumed off the platter....NOTHING left! He'll also accommodate special fact, I have some bison for burgers and veal shank for osso bucco on order as we speak.

    If you visit the shop in summer, get there early or be prepared to stand in a LONG line!

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      think i will stock my freezer before that.

    2. Wonderful report chefMD. I noted three threads of this infamous butcher but none provided location info. So for those craving a visit:

      Forked River German Butcher
      (609) 693-7100
      109 Lacey Rd, Forked River, NJ 08731

      1. I'm one of the people who started a thread about this store months ago. I still haven't made it in there, but my mother tells me she used to stop there all the time on her way to LBI in the summer with all of us kids. I personally don't remember going, but she said they had great sandwiches and deli items that she still longs for.
        Here's another market in Philadelphia that I visited with a friend who is German born. She loved it. They have a huge selection of sausages and German items, if you ever get out that way. I do plan on visiting the store in Forked River this summer,and will remember to get there bright and early.

          1. ok gang, time for part deux......

            armed with some brown mustard, german pickles and some rye breaed i settled in for top chef and a plethora of wursts to try....last night was just sausage. well, maybe a few pieces of bologna too.....

            both calves liver wursts showed the same clean flavor as the sausages the night before (became a recurring theme). i loved the corse ground more for the texture, but both were equally great. the bologna with larger pieces mixed in was as good as the smooth. again, i think i liked it a bit more for the texture and spice difference. then there was the "blood and tongue". now you're probably thinking....well, i dunno.. let me tell you, it had a similar texture to the previous bologna, though the main component had blood mixed in. the pieces left "chunky" aka tongue provided a great texture foil and flavor along with the small specks of beautiful white fat sprinkled throughout. WOW ! such depth, it almost spoke to me. it reminded me of the boudin noir of my youth in new orleans. i always loved blood sausages and this brought me right back to "la provence" across the lake in madeville where i first enjoyed boudin noir. i think i have finally found something to equal the great carnitas, pho, crawfish boil, boudin, oysters and great chocolates i have been fortunate to have. yes, it was that good. i only wish i had better mustard and some dark bread. simply heaven......oh, maybe an ice cold beer. will be going back just for that at some point.

            next up, andouille, spanish chorizo, and the monster keilbasi. i'll report later when my arteries start to flow again.

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              I grew up in FR. The German butcher has been there forever. They didn't always have the seating and menu that they have now but everything has always been good.