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May 6, 2008 08:14 PM

Family dinner in Seattle


My wife and I are visiting from SF at the end of May and are taking out my sister's family who are coming up from Portland to meet us, 8 of us in all.

We'd like to take them to a good place but nothing ethnic or adventurous as they are not into that at all. That said we would indeed like a very good place though. (Wife and I are planning a separate dinner at Matt's which was highly recommended to us but not the kind of place that I'm sure the family would appreciate). So basically looking for reliable non-franchise meat/chops kind of place.

Suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. How about Chinook's at fisherman's terminal? Very good seafood, nothing too fancy, not too pricey, family friendly - but still "authentically Seattle."

    1. The Brooklyn in downtown Seattle. Meat/chop house with the additional plus of good seafood and desserts. Wine and beer flights are also top notch. Reservations absolutely necessary.

      1. If you aren't opposed to leaving the downtown area, Jak's Grill in West Seattle is a very good and very reasonably priced option for a local steakhouse.

        Downtown, Palace Kitchen might fit the bill?

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          I would second Palace K. Maybe Cascadia or Brasa? Brasa has a mediteranean flair, but is fairly straightforward, and very good. Cascadia is locally focused, but nothing outlandish, a little heavier on seafood, but plenty of meat choices. Both nice atmosphere.

        2. The Brooklyn is a great suggestion. Flying Fish in Belltown offers standards like fried chicken and steak, in addition to creative (but not too too) seafood. There's also Dahlia Lounge, downtown--plenty of grilled meat on the menu.

          1. Another option is Crow in lower Queen Anne. Good solid food...roasted chicken, yummy lasagna, always a fish and meat dish on the menu.