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Family dinner in Seattle


My wife and I are visiting from SF at the end of May and are taking out my sister's family who are coming up from Portland to meet us, 8 of us in all.

We'd like to take them to a good place but nothing ethnic or adventurous as they are not into that at all. That said we would indeed like a very good place though. (Wife and I are planning a separate dinner at Matt's which was highly recommended to us but not the kind of place that I'm sure the family would appreciate). So basically looking for reliable non-franchise meat/chops kind of place.

Suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. How about Chinook's at fisherman's terminal? Very good seafood, nothing too fancy, not too pricey, family friendly - but still "authentically Seattle."

    1. The Brooklyn in downtown Seattle. Meat/chop house with the additional plus of good seafood and desserts. Wine and beer flights are also top notch. Reservations absolutely necessary.

      1. If you aren't opposed to leaving the downtown area, Jak's Grill in West Seattle is a very good and very reasonably priced option for a local steakhouse.

        Downtown, Palace Kitchen might fit the bill?

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          I would second Palace K. Maybe Cascadia or Brasa? Brasa has a mediteranean flair, but is fairly straightforward, and very good. Cascadia is locally focused, but nothing outlandish, a little heavier on seafood, but plenty of meat choices. Both nice atmosphere.

        2. The Brooklyn is a great suggestion. Flying Fish in Belltown offers standards like fried chicken and steak, in addition to creative (but not too too) seafood. There's also Dahlia Lounge, downtown--plenty of grilled meat on the menu.

          1. Another option is Crow in lower Queen Anne. Good solid food...roasted chicken, yummy lasagna, always a fish and meat dish on the menu.

            1. If want a nice local steakhouse, I recommend the Metropolitan Grill or Union Square Grill in downtown. Both are on the expensive side but worth it. Far better than the chains like Ruth Chris.

              1. Thanks for the help, all.

                I think we're going to go with Brooklyn, already made the reservation. Seems like the right location with the right selections for the group. I was also checking out the Tom Douglas places but they struck me as kind of cheesy, don't know if that really is the case.

                Hope I can be of help when y'all come down to the Bay Area.

                1. Just an FYI, the Tom Douglas places are definitely not cheesy. But I can see why you'd think that - his site can make him look a little like a chain.

                  1. I should at least give a quick report.

                    We went to Brooklyn with the family and had an amazing meal. Peppered strip steak was phenomenal. Ahi tuna with pork belly? amazing! Others had filet mignon, strip steak, lamb (chops and sausage together), and to top it off, Copper River salmon! A couple of nice salads and a to-die-for key lime pie. (The server, Zoe, was one of the most professional we'd ever seen outside of a four star restaurant.) I'd highly recommend this place to anyone.

                    Wife and I also made it to Matt's and the Steelhead Diner. At Matt's we had a couple of great entrees: Copper River salmon (again!) and duck leg, We also ordered a salumi appetizer which was ok but we are spoiled in the Bay Area by Incanto and Oliveto neither of which the dish came close to. The waitress we had was pleasant but completely clueless and the place had, IMHO, a kind of elitist vibe. I'd give it a B+.
                    We liked the Steelhead better. The vibe was more pleasant, the service was very good, and the food was at least as good as Matt's. Again CR salmon and a fish and chips dish. The dessert was outstanding, a 4-layer chocolate cake covered with roasted almonds and coconut topped with coconut ice cream.

                    Also a shout-out to Green Leaf, some of the best Vietnamese food we've ever had. Good noodle soup and a fantastic bon bo.

                    Very nice lunch on Capitol Hill at the Kingfish Cafe. Very cool people and good food with very cool large photos on the wall from the owners family album. We had a good pulled pork sandwich and a nice gumbo. Highly recommended.

                    Nowhere did we get anything less than very good coffee but other than a very good weekend brunch at the Cafe Campagne, we couldn't find a decent breakfast nor any posts either here or on Yelp about a good recommendation. We'll have to ask specifically about that before we go next time.

                    We checked out Salumi (Armandino Batali's place) in Pioneer Sq for a late lunch. We split a grilled cotto sandwich with a tasty dressing and sauteed onions. Another place highly recommended but cavaet on the wait to get in there.

                    Again about Copper River salmon; I was so taken by it that I wound up ordering a whole king from Pike Place Fish and had it shipped home. We're grilling some this weekend with friends and freezing the rest for upcoming meals. For anyone who hasn't had it before or if any visitors get up to the Northwest this time of year, check it out. It really is on a different order from most salmon.