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May 6, 2008 08:04 PM

Tonkatsu Ramen in Hong Kong or Shanghai?

I'm going to HK this weekend. In addition to Cantonese food, I have a serious craving for really good tonkatsu ramen. It seems like the likeliest place in China to find a good authentic bowl. Can anyone recommend a good spot?

I'll also take suggestions for Shanghai too, since I will be there next week.


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  1. Just to be sure, do you mean tonkatsu (friend pork cutlet) or tongotsu (pork bone soup)? For tongotsu, Sapporo in the Forum of Exchange Square is the best that I have had in HK.

    1. Try Hyacho Japanese restaurant in Pudong, Shanghai (it's same building as Shanghai Purple Mountain Hotel). The sashimi's great, too, when I dined there last year.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions so far. I will have to check them out and report back.

        1. For Tonkatsu in Shanghai,
          Try a Japanese place in Jingan,
          no English name
          Jiao Zhou Lu 176, phone 6256 8674
          no ramen there, at least not in English part of the menu.

          1. Also looking for ramen in HK, but the kind where there's a wad of butter in the soup, yummily melting into the soup before your eyes .... I remember having it once in Quarry Bay somewhere....? Or was that still Tai Koo? It was a little Japanese ramen house tucked away somewhere....

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              Hello Jennjen18! I thought you have left?
              For HK, try the Ramen bar ( Imatei? or something like that) on the 2/F of the Miramar Shopping Plaza, 1 Kimberley Road, TST, Kowloon. Very authentic and good.
              Have fun!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Bahaha.. no la ... actually going end of January! But I get so excited just thinking about my trip sometimes that I have tonnes of questions answered before going ... Thanks for the info though. :) And and and, I'm going for 2.5 weeks, and want to maximize eating, so I wanna get all my info sorted out before going ... yes, I'm eager, I know. :P

                1. re: jennjen18

                  Hello again JJ18. Here's the correct name of that Ramen place. Its IPPEI-AN.

                  Website is Better and yummier than any similar Toronto establisments have to offer.