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May 6, 2008 07:22 PM

Extra Virgin?

Anyone been lately? I've heard mixed things and am wondering whether to go there for dinner with a friend. Thanks.

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  1. Ive only been for brunch, but i really enjoyed it- unfortunately i cant speak to dinner...

    1. Cute, little place. Food is good, nothing spectacular but very solid.

      Prices are easy on the wallet.

      Overall, I would recommend it.

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      1. re: mjh5821

        I had dinner there recently and everything was delicious! My fiancee had a pork dish and it was incredible! I would definitely recommend it.

        1. re: Feaster18

          Just went this weekend for our 2nd time. The wait is long on a Fri or Sat night. Lots of fish on the menu and the 3 we ordered we all excellent. The hangar steak was fantastic. Easy on the wallet is right. I really enjoy coming here.

      2. i only go for spaghetti and meatballs on sunday evenings...its a great casual spot on a sunday night.

        1. overrated. Go to market table or snack taverna

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          1. re: ginsbera

            How can this be considered overrated? No one is saying this is a top tier restaurant we are saying it is a solid meal at a good price. That is not overrated to me.

            1. re: ginsbera

              and market table and snack have completely different food.

              1. re: sam1

                Different food yes, but I still would prefer them over extra virgin and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. As for saying it is overrated, the posting asks about mixed reviews, I am entitled to say I don't like the food here and that it did not live up to the reviews of my peers.

              2. re: ginsbera

                I've been for both brunch and dinner. I like the mushroom crusted chicken for dinner and I never order chicken. Also, their french toast with caramelized bananas and also the smoked salmon tart for brunch is really good. Prices are very reasonable as well. When I went to Market table for dinner, I didn't think it was anything spectacular and it costs a lot more than Extra Virgin.

              3. We're here on vacation and had dinner there on Monday night. We lucked out with one of their outside tables. The Hub had the fresh cavatelli and I ordered the lobster ravioli. Both were delicious. Great casual spot and good prices.