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May 6, 2008 07:16 PM

Recommendations for cheesecake in Midtown.

The 3 llamas are arriving in NYC 5/14/08. We are the gentle giants from Minnesota, and when we get angry, we spit. We don't expect to be angry while in NYC though! So, the plans are to check into our hotel on 5/14 around noon, have lunch at Chelsea Kitchen on 9th and 46th, and then probably walk towards Central Park. Where would be a good place to stop for delicious New York cheesecake? Thanks.

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  1. I think Carnegie Deli has delicious cheesecake. I'm not sure whether they'll let you order only cheesecake, though. I'm sure they won't allow it during prime dining hours, which for Carnegie can mean around the clock. I guess you could have it to go, assuming you have some place to go to with it. I've learned that many Hounds really dislike the food (pastrami, corned beef, etc.) at Carnegie. I actually liked it but haven't had it in ages, and am not familiar with the ones people recommend so can't really compare. I still have fond memories of the cheesecake.

    1. Since you'll be very close, walk around the corner to Little Pie Company on 43rd between 9th and tenth. Spectacular dessert bakery, cute, quiet, and I'm pretty sure they have amazing cheesecake.

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        i think they have a shop in grand central market too.

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          There's a big difference between the two shops. I would only go to the one on 9th Ave.

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          Maybe but I didn't like Junior's in particular when I had it at their Brooklyn location.

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            Junior's is good. Lindy's at 53rd and 7th has very fluffy and light tasting cheesecakes. They also have different flavors like Junior's.

        2. I wonder if you could wander in to Artisanal at 2 Park Ave (on 32nd St) and sit at the bar to have their cheesecake. It has a praline crust and some kind of caramel sauce if my memory serves me - not for the purists, but it is really, really good.