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May 6, 2008 06:21 PM

Leaving for Tokyo on Thursday, need help with my project.

Hi, I'm about to return to Tokyo for some spring university classes on Thursday; I'll be there for about a month.
I'm doing a project about good places to eat in Tokyo for affordable prices. If you guys have any suggestions let me know. (exilekiss's blog has been a great help!)
Moreover, it's not limited to restaurants, if you know good pastry, cake, dessert, bread places in Tokyo please let me know.
Also some recommendations of some affordable michelin star restaurants would be nice.
Afterwards, I will be traveling the whole of Japan for another two months.
This will encompass (in this order)
Okinawa Island, Nagasaki, Karatsu, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto, Hakodate, Sapporo, Furano, Asahikawa, Shiretoko, Aomori

I'm not too concerned about Osaka or Kyoto, but for some of the other places, suggestions would be great!

Addresses would be helpful, maps even better!
Thank you kindly for any help,

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  1. Please define your budget for "affordable" places.

    I think the minimum budget for the Michelin star restaurants is 10k per person. Is that "affordable"?

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    1. re: FourSeasons

      Actually quite a few Michelin-starred restaurants offer prix-fixe lunches for under Y5000, some quite a bit under.

      There are some relatively reasonable dinner menus too. Just browsing quickly, I've found La Table de Joel Robuchon starts at Y6000, Abe at Y5775, Chez Tomo at Y6360.

      1. re: Robb S

        Robb is right, I actually meant 5k, typo error on my part.

    2. Have you looked into depachika?

      1. Hey Maetel999,

        Good luck with your trip and have fun! :) I wish I could be of more help besides the restaurants I wrote about (that's about all I ate at). (I'll wrote more after my next Japan Trip for sure! :).

        If you can, write back to CH (or e-mail me / post on my blog) about any interesting places you run across on your mammoth trip through Japan! (^_~)


        1. I guess around 5000yen sounds reasonable for me for lunch. 5000-10000 yen for dinner sounds about right for a Michelin star restaurant. I'm trying to keep in mind my audience is mainly students who are foodies but don't quite have the cash to fork out 20000-30000 yen for a meal. Sure Exilekiss, I'll definitely keep you guys posted if I find an good finds. =D

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          1. re: maetel999

            How about "conveyor belt" sushi? I had a blast with my teenaged daughter last month at Maguro Bite ( Yikes, is that what it is called?) in Asakusa. Just be sure to monitor how much you are spending by checking the type of plate your food is served on.

            1. re: carfreeinla

              That's also true, good suggestion. :)

              There was one day in my Japan Trip last month that we were in such a hurry that we were taken by a local friend to a Kaiten Sushi restaurant near Nakano Sun Road / Nakano Broadway. What was so amazing was that the *freshness* and *quality* of the fish at that Kaiten Sushi place *exceeded* many of the "decent / mid-range" Sushi bars in L.A.! (>_>)

              In total that Kaiten Sushi place cost us only about ~1300 Yen per person and we were full!

              1. re: carfreeinla

                That would be Maguro Bito (まぐろ人). It's widely considered the best kaiten sushi chain in Tokyo.

              2. re: maetel999

                I would recommend you to surf Robb's website , it is perhaps the best guide to eating in Japan in English. Many izakaya are listed there in different neighborhoods.

                Ramen is popular here, many ramen places have been recommended in the past, and they are all within your budget. Just type "ramen" on above board.

                I have recommended these affordable places in past threads :
                -curry udon : Sugamo's Konaya (古奈屋) ,
                -yakiniku : Toraji chain,
                -yakiniku : ,
                -fugu : ,
                -oden : ,
                -oysters, yakitori, steak : ,
                -Korean :

                I would suggest you to visit the Michelin restaurants for lunch, which are within your budget (5-10k) except the high end sushi, kaiseki, and fugu places. Dinner gets more expensive. You can get more details by buying the Michelin guide book which provides the budget details for each restaurant.

                1. re: FourSeasons

                  sashimi and sushi in Tsukiji marke in Tokyo t is affordable and fresh. Any place with a line is good.

              3. Hello maetel999,

                The most affordable michelin lunch in this world is the one at Nakajima. 800 Yen for the Sardine set lunch, with miso soup and a bowl of rice ! Even cheaper than Mos Burger.