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May 6, 2008 06:18 PM

Puppy Themed Food [moved from L.A. board]

I am throwing a puppy themed birthday party for a 4 year old. Does anyone have suggesstions for foods to use that would be puppy/dog themed? I am having hot dogs (naturally) bone shaped cookies, pretzels with cheese or peanut butter in the middle of them in bowls to look like dog treats.....any cute suggesstions?

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  1. Puppy chow. It's not exactly health food, but kids love it. Hushpuppies

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    1. I'm having a puppy party in September at the request of my then to be six year old. I'll follow this post and get ideas also.

      ArikeD--What's Puppy Chow? I'm assuming you don't mean Purina.

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        No, not Purina =)
        It showed up at basically every classroom party as I grew up.

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          I make it with Kix (ball-shaped cereal) so it looks more like dog food. I microwave the peanut butter and chocolate in a large Tupperware bowl, then mix in the cereal with a big spoon or rubber spatula. Dump in the powdered sugar, put on the lid (this is why I use a Tupperware bowl) and shake to coat. Yes, it coats the inside of the bowl, too, but I like a one-container cleanup.

          It's a good idea to spread it out on a baking sheet to let it cool before storing so that it doesn't all stick together.

          1. re: Aimi

            I am sure it is still yummy, but the best part, imo, is that the hollow center of the chex fill up with the mix.

          2. re: ArikaDawn

            very cute! I will make that! Thanks

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              You can make puppy chow a few days ahead, it'll keep.

        2. Banana dogs would be a fun dessert. You could use pound cake cut into bun shapes to make it more dessert-y.

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          1. Red rice crispy treats. Those always looked like dog treats to me whenever I've made them. Also jello jigglers shaped into dog houses, bones, etc? You could serve all the snacks in new dog food bowls. If you're sending the kids home with a parting gift bag, you could stamp it as doggie bag.

            1. phyllo dough rolled up would look an awful lot like those rawhide twists and "bagels" and such....

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              1. re: im_nomad

                Nomad, I was just thinking along those same lines. Some kind of phyllo or breadstick twisted would look a lot like a rawhide treat!