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May 6, 2008 06:06 PM

recommendations for Toronto Centre for the Arts?

I'll be in the vicinity for My Fair Lady, with 2 sisters and my mother. I'd like some recommendations for a restaurant nearby (walking distance) that is good and not too expensive. Thanks!

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  1. It is a testament to how little there is in that neighbourhood that the TCA's website has a Milestone's link. I suggest you dine in your own neighbourhood and then travel to the theatre.

    Anyone out there have a hidden gem for a ladies family night? The girls need help.

    1. Sadly, it really is a bit of a chow wasteland. Milestone's in Empress Walk is not a bad choice and is convenient. Also in Empress Walk is a Japanese restaurant (hmm... I'm blanking on the name right now -- Akasaka maybe?). While it won't win any awards for super-authentic Japanese food, it has a very nice atmosphere and the food isn't bad. Not a bad choice for a family dinner before the show.

      1. There's a place called Tony's Italian Restaurant south of the theatre and about a block or two north of Sheppard. Haven't been there but it's received positive comments on its delivery pizza on the board. Looks like a full-service sit-down restaurant with lots more than pizza on the menu.

        4864 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2N5N2, CA

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          In addition to Milestones there are a couple of other chain places, like Baton Rouge.

          Tony's has been around forever (used to be further north) so that's reliable; a a family pizza/pasta place. And I've never eaten there but Smokey Joe's Cafe has also been around for a long time now.

          There's also a strip on Yonge, just a couple of blocks south, which has a Bar Burrito, Mr. Greek, and a Memphis style BBQ. I've only eaten the burritos so I can't vouch for the other places but none is a hole in the wall and all have been there for years now.

          Once the theatre is up in full swing I'm sure a couple more restos will follow.

        2. Definitely Mezza Notte Trattoria, on Yonge just north of the Centre. Best family style Italian in Toronto imho. Try the seafood linguine in paper (can't remember the name). Crispy thin crust pizzas are yummy too. You won't regret it. Dinner for 2 w/ wine and appetizers, under $60.

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            Mezza Notte is good. It's just a bit far north for walking distance...probably only a 2 minute drive but a 10-15 minute walk. But great pizza and pasta and not pricey.

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              Mezza Notte was great. Thanks so much!

            2. Is there any kind of update on this since last year? My grandmother is coming in on some kind of seniors bus tour thing for a matinee of Jersey Boys and I'm meeting her at the theatre when she gets off the bus and we're going to have lunch.

              I'm looking for somewhere cheap and cheerful and in very close walking distance (she's not terribly mobile). Honestly, the walking distance is the most important part, but boy, it sure would be nice to have some decent food at the same time.

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                Tuyen is OK if you order correctly. Spring Rolls-ish but better. IIRC the $12 lamb shank is a good deal (it's on the dinner menu but I've had it at lunch).