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May 6, 2008 06:01 PM

Sushi restaurant recommendation in Houston

I am planning on taking my family out for sushi during Memorial Day weekend. What places would you recommend? I haven't tried many sushi restaurants in Houston because I began really liking it after moving away.

To give you an idea of what I like, when I lived in Austin my favorite places were Mikado and Musashino (not sure if they're still as good as I remember). I currently live in Dallas and my favorite places are Teppo, Tei Tei, and Sushi Sake.


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  1. i'm an avid sushi lover. sage 400 by the galleria is my favorite. their consulting chef was from nobu. their escolar is the best i've had. not to miss menu items include edamame hummus, hamachi carpaccio (yuzu, cilantro, jalapeno), and the red river roll. they have o toro when they can get it fresh.

    for more traditional sushi, teppay and kaneyama are great choices.

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      Thanks for starting this thread. I live at Westheimer & Fondren so I'm glad of the rec for a "neighborhood" place.

      One thing to consider is when (what day of the week) Houston sushi places can get their fish. Someone may be more knowledgable than I (a newcomer to HOuston) but in my old town one was pushing a bit to eat sushi on Saturday, and Sundays were definitely past the super-fresh point. Of course no good place would serve bad sushi.

      That being said, for the best I'd go on Friday or Saturday even the place is open Sunday and Monday -- unles another poster knows the days of the week the restaurants here in Houston can get fresh fish.



    2. Sasaki (Westheimer @ Fondren). Think it's closed on Sunday though.

      1. If you want to blow their socks off with a very traditional Japanese experience then definitely go to Sasaki on Westheimer and Fondren. The next step back from that would be Nippon on Montrose and 59, then Teppay on Westheimer and Voss and finally Sushi Jin on Memorial at Dairy-Ashford. All four are Japanese owned and operated which does make a big difference if you are wanting the traditional experience. Nippon has the best bar experience in our opinion or if you need some memorable family entertainment then try getting one of the karaoke rooms at Sushi Jin!

        If you want more of the sushi lounge experience there's always Ra or Shimako on Westheimer or Chi in the Woodlands. Uptown Sushi and Blue Fin aren't bad in that department either. None of these places are discount sushi joints if there is such a thing, but you won't feel ripped off either. Good luck entertaining the family, that's always an adventure.