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Mrbuffer and I won a bottle of Limoncello at the Greater Lowell Chamber dinner. How do you serve it? Over the rocks, straight up or what?

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  1. Keep it in the freezer, serve it up.

    1. Ditto, after dinner.
      My hubby also mixes it with half and half.

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        wouldn't it curdle the half and half?

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          He does it as a shot -- you drink it fast. Sort of like an Irish Car Bomb.
          He usually does it with orangecello, in which case it has the taste of a very alcoholic Creamsicle. :-)

      2. You can also make a Limoncello martini

        1. limonjito? just for some summer fun!

          1. Chilled limoncello & Champagne, equal parts. Aaaah.

            1. The proper way is straight up and straight out of the freezer. I often pour it into a rocks glass filled with large ice cubes though. How did La Boniche escape your list of favorite restaurants?

              1. Hi, we actually make Lemon Z limoncello in New Zealand and we are suggesting to people that yes, you traditionally do drink it straight from the freezer over ice, but also it is a great mixer. New Zealanders and Australians are loving Lemon Z 1part to 3 parts Cranberry juice, Lemon Z splice, 2 parts Lemon Z,2 parts pinapple juice and 1 part coconut cream blended together. Another favourite is 1 part Lemon Z to 3 parts coke.Great summer drinks.Have only just joined Chow so a little late with my reply but hopefully this gives you some more ideas.

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                  I just made a batch of homemade limoncello and indeed it is a wonderful mixer. I've been using it Sangria. Also a splash livens up iced tea very nicely--beats a regular lemon any day!