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French Food Blogs

Anyone follow any French food blogs? From France? In French? Or even in English?

If so, anyone have any links they'll share?

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  1. I really enjoy Clotilde's, Chocolate & Zucchini..
    It's in English but I prefer the French version.


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      There are many cooking blogs like Mamina's for instance. For restaurants and cuisine, there's for instance (in addition to Clotilde):
      francoissimon.typepad.fr (a major food critic)
      gastrosontour.wordpress.com (GoT on Chowhound!)
      ptipois.canalblog.com (with an English version)
      www.julotlespinceaux.com (c'est moi! -- in English and French
      )http://johntalbottsparis.typepad.com/... (the moderator on eG, in English


      As you will see on these blogs' blogrolls, there are many others but that's not a bad start.

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        Clotilde Dusoulier's blog has certainly gotten much internat'l attention, and she has a new book (her second):

        I know it's not a blog but Paris Culinaire has lots of good Paris food-related shopping info: http://www.parisculinaire.com/index.html (in Eng or Fr)

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          Agree 100% Love his blog, it is fun and entertaining and informative and he is never staring at his bellybutton! The guy is so not pretentious in any way. Hands down--his is the best of the best!

        2. I love La cuiller en bois, from the Bordeaux area (my favorite)!


          1. My favorite is Ms. Glaze's Pommes d'Amour. I'm fascinated with her experiences as an American worman going through the Le Cordon Bleau cooking school and then getting a job at a top restaurant in Paris. The link is: http://msglaze.typepad.com/

            1. For restaurants in the south of France, particularly the Cote d'Azur and into the Italian Riviera, refer to http://countryepicure.wordpress.com (in English). The two couples tend to review the finer, more expensive, restaurants - not always what one wants or can afford. In addition, his critiques are not always incisive. But what makes his blog worthwhile is the plate by plate description of the meal, accompanied by clear photos. Sometimes, that's enough - you've had the experience!

              1. www.latartinegourmande.com is a written by a French woman living in Boston. I don't usually try her recipes because I am too busy looking at her gorgeous photos!

                  1. www.orangette.com

                    Love her and she is not french but has tons of links to great french food blogs & others.

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                    1. Not a blog per se, but a great resource for the Francophone cook:


                      Even though I read French at the level of a 4-year old, I find a lot of the illustrated recipes and technical descriptions to be helpful and inspiring.

                      1. May I humbly suggest L'Auberge Chez Richard as a possible?

                        You are going to get a mix of good French recipes, meet some interesting characters, do a little visiting with friends and maybe catch a aperitif on the Boulevard someplace. A bientot.

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                          I really like reading Alexander Lobrano's Hungry for Paris blog. He's a real writer and
                          his reviews are not only accurate but witty. www.hungryforparis.com

                        2. A couple of our French native hounds have their own excellent blogs:



                          My husband and I have personally learned a lot from the two.

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                            Thanks for all the links. I'm looking forward to checking them out when I have a free hour or two.

                          2. Just found this thread :) I'm trying to promote my own blog. I am french and my style of cooking is comfort food and french staples.
                            hope to see you all on my blog :D