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May 6, 2008 05:18 PM

Mary's Cafe - 215 East Grand Ave.

Has anyone been there? If so, what did you have and what was your experience?


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  1. Red Dragon: I have been to Mary's many times - always for an early breakfast. Mary's is somewhat of a diner. Good breakfast food, good service, and relatively inexpensive for "just off of Michigan Avenue." Mary's attracts construction workers, policemen, and tourists who wander in. If your looking for a more expensive lunch -
    try Volare which is several doors west of Mary's.

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    1. re: psychman

      Thanks for the feedback. We're looking for fairly reasonable prices, nothing expensive. Diner food is what we want. Will give it a try.

    2. You may want to call before you go, especially later in the day. I live nearby and feel like they are closed a lot when I pass by.