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May 6, 2008 05:04 PM

Rock Bottom?

Another referral for our 1st time visit to Chicago this weekend. It's apparently where the locals go? We don't drink, but always up for good food. Any feedback would be welcome :)


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  1. No. "Locals" do not go to Rock Bottom. Sheesh. Out of all the hundreds of places locals frequent, Rock Bottom is definitely NOT among them. Nothing necessarily against Rock Bottom, but 1. it's a chain 2. it's not representative of Chicago.

    Imagine replacing Rock Bottom "where locals go" with TGI Fridays..."where locals go."

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    1. re: aelph

      As I mentioned, this was a referral, not something I "knew" about, which is why I asked!

      1. re: red dragon

        Yes, I read your post. I wasn't addressing *you* rather the idea of Rock Bottom being a place "where locals go." It really depends on what your referral means by "locals." Chicago is a metropolis with many, many types of "locals."

        1. re: aelph

          Hi Aelph, thanks for the clarification. I've been on other boards where sarcasm is key and I mis-read yours. Sorry about that.

    2. I'm glad you checked here before heading to Rock Bottom!! It's definitely not representative of the good food that Chicago is well-known for. Is it ethnic you're looking for, casual or upscale, and what area of Chicago? We'll get you headed in the right direction for a memorable culinary visit to Chicago!

      1. I went there..once. It was paid for by someone else. Hmm so let's see.. free food, a year ago, and I haven't been back. If someone else was paying again, I would soul search a little bit before deciding to go or not. OOH wait. wait. As my mother told me countless times..if you can't say anything good...

        The house brewed root beer was pretty good. A little sweet, but pretty good.

        Sadly, this post was 100% truthfull. You may think it is sarcasm, but it is not.

        I had a rueben sammich with corned beef that was borderline carl buddig pressed meat, and a sharp cheddar cheese that ruined it all. It was decent cheese, but it was one of those that should not be melted becuase it gets more knotty than stringy. The fries were 20% potato, and 80% salt, and the cost was pretty much 10.00 for the sammich alone.

        1. It's the type of place that us "locals" who work nearby go a drink or two at happy hour or to play pool only. IMO, after eating here you will surely have hit "Rock Bottom"!

          I'm glad you checked in with us first too! it's no problem fro us to save you from the many mistakes that have been allowed to fester in the Chicago food scene.

          1. Red Dragon,
            What are you looking for on your visit to Chicago this weekend? If you give us an idea in terms of price, type of food, location, etc., I'm sure many of us could steer you to something you'd enjoy.