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May 6, 2008 04:46 PM

more moderate Las Vegas strip restaurants

We are in Las Vegas for 3 nights next month after a trip to California - we are staying at Wynn - I would like to try some new restaurants that aren't outrageously priced - without alcohol I am thinking of 50-60 dollar per person meals. Any suggestions.

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  1. Lunches or dinners? Open to sharing entrees?

    1. mon ami gabi at the paris. postrio at the venetian. caneletto's at the venetian is reported to be good, but i haven't been there.

      1. Sad to say, but $50-$60 now on the "Strip" is almost impossible to find. I agree w/the Mon Ami Gabi suggestion, but even that will be close. Along the same chain idea, Café Ba Ba Reeba amd Maggiano's both in the Fashion Mall are both solidly good. Yes they are chains and yes alot of people lambast them for being just that, but fact of the matter is that they are decent places w/moderate prices. And given that you are right at the Wynn, it is right across the street.

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          Agreed. I just went to Cafe Ba Ba Reeba for Happy Hour; can't beat the $3 tapas and wine. Now that is under the $50 - $60 budget. :)

        2. There is an interesting little triangle at the Canal Shoppes (Venetian) that you can explore easily - Canaletto, Enoteca San Marco, and Postrio all reside next to each other, and they will hit your price points. Since they all post their menu's it would only take a few minutes to make a decision as to your preference. The fact that Enoteca San Marco is a Batali/Bastianich property, and that they have two more under the same roof, and that Postrio is just a short stroll from Wolfgang Puck's Cut downstairs at the Palazzo, means a favorable quality control element for each of those places.

          1. Agreed, the Cafe Ba Ba Reeba is within your price point and dependable fare. We has a really disappointing visit to Enoteca - one would think that qc would be on target. Sadly both service and quality missed the mark. Maybe they need to keep practicing!

            The Border Grill (ok Mandaley Bay is a bit of a trip, but...) might be worth checking out. They are in the midst of a remodel but have seating for the time - heard they were closed totally in sept. b4 the new facilty opens again.