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May 6, 2008 04:07 PM

3 Fine Dining Nights in Vegas

My wife and I will be in Las Vegas for 3 nights in June, staying at the Wynn. Every other time I have been in Vegas it has been for "guy's weekends" and fine dining wasn't the mission...most of those trips are hard to remember! This trip is all about food and relaxation.

Can you fellow Hounds chime-in with your recommendations for 3 absolute must-have dinners in Vegas. Cost is no object. I'd like one of the restaurants to be a steak place; we're open to anything else for the rest. As long as it's on/near the Strip, location doesn't matter.

If you had an unlimited budget for 3 great dinners, where would it be?

I know there have been lots of "what should I eat in Vegas" threads here, so I'm sorry if this is redundant.


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  1. for steak, you've got tons of options but i would go with cut at palazzo. other options: carnevino, craftsteak, prime, n9ne, delmonico

    rest are easy if there's no budget:

    alex at wynn

    guy savoy at caesars

    joel robuchon at mgm

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      Just did Joël Robuchon L'Atelier, London, last week and it was wonderful. So good, in fact, that I decided to accommpany my wife to a meeting in LV and try his restaurant there. Unfortunately, my review will probably be too late for the OP, should it be as good as the London one.


    2. 1.) For your steak ... Craftsteak
      2.) Guy Savoy
      3.) Picasso or Alex

      1. Funny - we will be at Wynn for 3 nights starting June 11. I have had great meals at Delmonicos and Prime. I think my favorite meal though has been at Michael's in the Barberry Coast. The hotel is seedy but the restaurant is awesome - old fashioned - tons of food - expensive. I hated Renoir in Mirage. Someone I know just came back and said he had the best meal at the top of the Eiffel Tour.

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        1. re: jstroose

          FYI, Michaels has moved to the South Point Hotel on S. Las Vegas Blvd. It has retained the ambiance and quality of the original location. Barbary Coast is now Bill's Gambling Hall.

          As for Steak, my first choice would be Carne Vino @ the new Palazzo. It is beyond a traditional Steakhouse. Impeccable Service,and Impeccable food.
          Non traditional Sides and appetizers as well as an exciting wine list. The Sommelier was terrific!
          Second choice would be Craft steak.....@ MGM. A more Traditional steakhouse..but quality,quality, quality! Portions are all large enough to share!

          As for the Wynn...check out DB Brasserie, Wing Lei, Alex (formerly of Mary Elaines) and Bartolotta which I am dying to try...especially the tasting menu!


          1. re: ciaogal

            These are my favorite threads. Give me the best. Not the best for under $50/person. Not the best off the vaunted strip. Not the best non-celebrity chef. Just the best. Kudos! Now let's go.

            I have to echo previous responses. Alex is unbelievable! You just cannot go wrong there if you enter ready to pay the price. No deals here. Enough said.

            Bartolotta is my personal favorite for both seafood and Italian food. The family style tasting menu is well worth the price and gives the diner a taste of everything the chef excels at. The main course is the fresh fish flown in from Italy that the restaurant is known for, so the tasting menu does not mean you have to miss out on this.

            I have not yet been to Guy Savoy, but I'm sure this place would qualify for your all out, no hold barred dinner. Will let you know after I dine there in June.

            Staying at the Wynn, you cannot go wrong with the choices there. Alex, Bartolotta, DB are all amazing choices.

            My steak experiences in Vegas are limited to Stripsteak and Charlie Palmer. Stripsteak was notable for their eclectic appetizers and wide variety of steaks including kobe and Wagyu. Charlie Palmer Steak was a clubby-type atmosphere with comfortable seating (couches for couples) with a more traditional steakhouse menu. Both are worthy and memorable. Just depends on what you are looking for.

            Have a great trip!

              1. re: climberdoc

                I could not agree with your more, ClimberDoc. Usually, there are so many qualifiers, that one needs an Excel spreadheet to sort it all out. Things like, "looking for a seafood, but one diner is a level 5 vegan, and two cannot eat seafood, plus we want fabulous dining for <US$30/person, including 1er Cru Bordeaux with some age on it... "

                Yes, ejs1492 puts no restrictions on the request, and that is great.

                Based on the great comments on this board, I'll be trying to do Alex and Guy Savoy on the next two trips.


          2. Wow..thanks for the great responses. Sounds like Alex, Guy Savoy and Barltolotta are all must haves.

            Is there any great Asian-inspired cuisine? Although I usually gravitate towards French, she usually goes Asian.

            1. It looks like we're set on 1) Alex and 2) Craftsteak. Any strong opinions on Guy Savoy vs. Bartolotta?

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              1. re: ejs1492

                If you are really unlimited on your budget your shouldn't miss Guy Savoy. It's not for everyone because of the price point and the haute cuisine moniker but it's out of this world.

                Bartolotta is great but given the choice with a bottomless wallet; Guy wins in my book every time.

                1. re: azbirdiemaker

                  I would agree with Guy Savoy. I had a number of service clitches at Bartolotta. I don't know if they struggle with the layout of the restaurant (2 floors and an outdoor section which seems to require extraordinary coordination) but, for a restaurant at their price point, service needs to be much tighter and much more professional. Specifically, the issues have ranged from small (sloppily placed and arranged silverware) to larger (delivering a dish, on 2 occasions, to the wrong table and taking coming to take an order with no explanation of the menu or what was available)