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May 6, 2008 03:22 PM

best low-cost fresh seafood in bergen county

The regular grocery stores never seem to have seafood sales on par with all their meat and poultry sales. Often meat and poultry go on sale at half price or well under but, again, this never seems to happen for seafood. I don't know the reason for this - but I would like to know where better fresh seafood prices may be found in Bergen County. (I'd look outside the county if someone recommended a terrific option.) I heard that various asian food markets may provide fresh seafood at reasonable, or significantly lower, prices. If anyone knows where these markets are located - not to mention their names - I would be greatly appreciative to hear from you. Of course, please do provide any other info if relevant - certainly doesn't have to be asian! Again, suggestions for outside the county are fine too.

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  1. Mitsuwa in Edgewater (right on the river in Hudson Cty) was my first thought...

    And since I was just there today and oohing and ahhing over the price/beauty of the fish and seafood, I'd also recommend Kam Man on Rt 10 in East Hanover (Morris Cty).

    1. Farmers Market in Hackensack on Main has very fresh fish with incredible choose a fish all on ice in front of you (you can look at their eyes and gills) and they'll process it for you any way you want...

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        Sixelagogo et al,

        The market you mention in Hackensack is actually named Giant Farm. It's a very good market that caters to a variety of ethnic communities for meats, fishes and produce......

        Personally, I feel the Han Au Reum or HMart stores have better and larger selections of fish, sea foods along with better/lower prices. The produce and pantry items are far superior as well. The HMart store is a short distance south of Giant Farm in Little Ferry, and there are also two other locations in Bergen County.

        Han Au Reum

        25 Lafayette Avenue, Englewood
        321 Broad Av3enue, Ridgefield
        260 Bergen Turnpike, Little Ferry

        In River Edge there is The Chinese Supermarket on Kinderkamack Road. This market is independently family owned and operated. If you shop on Saturday or Sunday, they offer Dim Sum brought in fresh from Chinatown at 10:00 AM. Be warned, it disappears quickly.

        Last, there is the Hans Food Korean Market located on Washington Avenue in Bergenfield, a smaller competitor to HMart.........and although I do not know the names, in Fort Lee adjacent to the Municipal Buildings on Andersen Avenue, there are two seafood markets in the strip mall that are excellent.

        Mitsuwa MarketPlace(Japanese) in Edgewater is in Bergen County, and is an excellent market, maybe one of the finest Asian markets on the entire East Coast, with excellent fish and exotic sea foods,........... but low cost it definitely is not. If you are looking for Sushi grade fish (fish that has been frozen to minus four degrees Fahrenheit to kill off any parasites), this is the place to go for exceptional quality and added bonus of quality Sushi, Coffee, Japanese Bakery and Ramen Soup is also available for the hungry shopper.

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          I second the rec for Hmart. The quality, selection, and price for seafood cannot be beat. You have the ability to buy a whole fish or have them prepare it (filet, etc) anyway you want it. I recently purchased a whole black fish and had them filet it. It was perfect, and they even gave me the bones and head--which I froze and will use in stock.

          Mitsuwa is good, as well. But as fourunder mentioned it is expensive. I love eating in their market there. It's like taking a trip to Tokyo. Well, not really--but it is good and authentic.

      2. There is also a Farmer's Market on Broadway in Fair Lawn that has pretty good fish at good prices. I say pretty good because I grew up in the Boston and Maine areas and am used to wonderful fish. I would love to be able to find wonderful fish in New Jersey at any price.

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          To Curlz, Sixelagogo, Fourunder, & Oceans,

          Many thanks for all your replies! I'm new to chowhound and didn't know what to expect in terms of responses. I will be investigating all the great options you have each posted - can't wait! (But I'll have to wait, actually, because now I've got to be away for a week or so. I'll let you know the outcome soon thereafter.) Thanks much again - hope this is the best way to respond to all at the same time.