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May 6, 2008 03:14 PM

steak ta tare

Chez Henri had excellent steak tatare, but unfortunately, they took it off the menu. Any ideas?



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  1. Yeah, I loved that dish - very nice portion and a great price. The drizzling of chile oil was perfect. That dish was the main reason I would go to Chez Henri. I wonder if there has been a significant change in beef costs.

    I love No 9 and the Butcher Shop's tartare, and Eastern Standard has a great one that comes with a side of really well-cooked fries.

    1. I had the steak tartare also at Eastern Standard and it was wonderful. Very well seasoned and presented really nicely. Cornichons, slices of baguette and yes a side of fries.

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        I found that the steak tartare at ESK needed a generous topping of fresh cracked pepper, but that was an easy fix!

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          I can second the tartar at Eastern Standard. My all time favorite has always been the tartar at Locke Obers...however, I haven't eaten there in quite a while.

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            I like that one as well as the version at Prezza.

          2. Really? I was in there on Saturday and could have sworn I saw it on the menu. That said, I love the versions at ESK as well as The Butcher Shop

            1. i think i had a good one at BraJo and i know i had a Very Good one at ESK.

              1. My favorite's probably still Brasserie Joe. No. 9 Park's bar menu has a very fine one. The version at the Gaslight is terrible, barely recognizable as beef.