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steak ta tare

Chez Henri had excellent steak tatare, but unfortunately, they took it off the menu. Any ideas?



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  1. Yeah, I loved that dish - very nice portion and a great price. The drizzling of chile oil was perfect. That dish was the main reason I would go to Chez Henri. I wonder if there has been a significant change in beef costs.

    I love No 9 and the Butcher Shop's tartare, and Eastern Standard has a great one that comes with a side of really well-cooked fries.

    1. I had the steak tartare also at Eastern Standard and it was wonderful. Very well seasoned and presented really nicely. Cornichons, slices of baguette and yes a side of fries.

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        I found that the steak tartare at ESK needed a generous topping of fresh cracked pepper, but that was an easy fix!

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          I can second the tartar at Eastern Standard. My all time favorite has always been the tartar at Locke Obers...however, I haven't eaten there in quite a while.

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            I like that one as well as the version at Prezza.

          2. Really? I was in there on Saturday and could have sworn I saw it on the menu. That said, I love the versions at ESK as well as The Butcher Shop

            1. i think i had a good one at BraJo and i know i had a Very Good one at ESK.

              1. My favorite's probably still Brasserie Joe. No. 9 Park's bar menu has a very fine one. The version at the Gaslight is terrible, barely recognizable as beef.

                1. I've always liked Grill 23's: Prime Steak Tartare, Portobellos, White Anchovies, Arugula Emulsion $15.

                  1. Oooh, now I'm going to have to try all of these other places.

                    The only one I've ever had here was at Capital Grille, which was very good. But I have no idea how it compares to all of these non-chain restaurants. But if for whatever reason you end up at CG, try it.

                    1. we actually seek out tartare. KO prime has a great waygu beef tartare (a really pleasing mouth feel) that is beautifully presented. Est Std also makes a fine tartare--we always ask for mustard to accompany it. Agree w/ MC that the tartare at Gaslight is just awful. Recently had the Mooo rendition, but to be honest it left absolutely no impression. It could have been good, but I just don't recall.

                      I also find that most restaurants that feature meat, on a slow night, will be more than willing to make you tartare. there is a cult love of that dish in kitchens and cooks like to show off their chopping skills.

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                        De-lurking to throw in my 2 cents. I LOVE steak tartare and frequently order it if it's on the menu. Like the previous poster said, KO Prime has a terrific one. And the entree-size portion at Brasserie Jo is great. I've also had delicious tartare at the Oak Room. It was very traditional - served with egg, relish, onion, etc - and was superb!

                      2. last time i was at lumiere (this is over a year ago) they had an outstanding beef tartare special. It was sort of thai influenced, with a red curry sauce and lemongrass oil, i think. Nice contrast of the cool beef and the heat of the red curry.

                        1. The tah tah (Boston accented) at Olives is fantastic.

                          1. Eastern Standard's version is quite good.

                            There was a hamburger joint in Detroit on 8 Mile I think out near Marshall Mathers territory which had a "Nude Burger" on the menu. It was literally an uncooked hamburger patty on a bun, gray and nauseating.

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                              Most of the food I had in the Detroit area was gray and nauseating (except for Red Hot Lovers, in Ann Arbor, which may be my favorite restaurant anywhere).