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special occasion restaurant within 10 minutes of Windsor CT

Any cuisine would be fine, for a special meal after a graduation. Distance to Windsor less than 10 miles would be important. Thanks.

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  1. The Maine Fish Market & Restaurant in East Windsor is good-it's on the East Windsor/Ellington line. Here's their website:


    People also seem to like Mill on The River in South Windsor but I've always been disappointed with my food their-nice view & ambience though. I might just drive into Hartford...I think the restaurants downtown (or in west hartford center) are worth the 10 minute highway drive from windsor.

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      The Maine Fish Market & Restaurant is one of our favorites and we eat there every time we go to Brimfield for the antique fair. There's a place on on the other side of the river thats very nice. It has two levels with an outdoor deck upstairs but I can't remember the name of it. Any ideas? Also, any other dining suggestions would be appreciated.


    2. I've never been, but I think it is within the ten mile radius, and I have friends that have said that it is very good. The Nutmeg Restaurant is a banquet facility as well as accomodating regular dinng parties. That may be a plus or minus for you depending on the size of your party. http://www.nutmegrestaurant.com/index... in East Windsor. Downtown Hartford is not really that far away from Windsor, and would really expand your options for something special. Peppercorn's or Max Downtown maybe. Or if you want to orient it to the grad (assuming college), there is a younger crowd at Trumbull Kitchen or Black Eyed Sally's (music a bonus).

      1. tosca in suffield, ct is nice, but small. if you felt like venturing over the mass line, the federal in agawam, ma is absoulutely wonderful.

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          Would have to agree that The Federal in Agawam is one of the better restaurants in western mass / northern ct. Website is www.thefederalrestaurant.com to give you an idea of what they offer. Definitely, a special occasion place. But, depending on where you are in Windsor, it could be a couple miles over your 10 mile limit.

        2. or, the hazard grill in enfield, ct.
          laNotte in east windsor is nice.

          1. Thank you very much for these great suggestions. Will post after trying one.

            1. What about The Mill on The River? It's georgeous there and (for us) the food was good to very good. It's right there in Windsor! http://www.themillontheriver.com/

              1. Maine Fish Market is okay, but I wouldn't consider it special. Jonathan Pasco's or the Nutmeg Restaurant, both on route 5 in East Windsor and across the river from Windsor, might be better suited to your needs. I have to agree with Kneerobber, however, that The Federal, while a bit outside of your chosen radius, is superb. It's worth the longer drive. If distance is important, you might consider Max Downtown in Hartford, or Tosca in Suffield, also excellent choices. You already have the Federal link. Here are links to Max Downtown and Tosca. Check with all for hours: graduations tend to be during the day on weekends, and many restaurants are only open for dinner, or in some cases, Sunday brunch.



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                  Just came back from Windsor Locks and your suggestions proved helpful. Jonathan Pasco's didn't disappoint. A nice dining experience from the candlelit dining room to the excellent fare. Maine Fish Market has gotten more expensive and is no longer on our list. It is a nice family seafood restaurant that offers efficent service and good food but for the price they charge for the experience, you shouldn't have your salad dressing servied in a plastic souffle cup or the sour cream in a pre packaged plastic cup. You would expect that at a diner. Too bad. Please don't get me wrong. The food at Maine Fish Market was good but overpriced for what they are. Obvoiusly, I'm in the minority as they are are packed every weekend What can I say. Thanks, Chowhound for the tips.

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                    Can you describe the meal? I always worry about places that seem to be big on private parties.The food seems to be less important than "the party" and, at best, just be average. Is this a place for all ages and families with kids, kind of place? It doesn't look like it from the website: http://www.jonathanpascos.net/
                    I notice the wine list is decent, but small. Seems to be a restaurant with an Italian food slant. Did you have any Italian dishes? Thanks

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                      Sorry for the delay. The restaurant is nice and if they cater to private parties, it must be a smallish room.We've eaten here twice and were more than pleased both times. (In fact, the check was less than what we spent at Maine Fish Market). I forgot what Candi ate but I had a rotisserie loin of pork something or other. Very tasty. Don't recall seeing much Italian on the menu but we ate there many meals ago. Definately not a family restaurant. One group had a couple of toddlers and toddlers do what they do, received the icy stares from the rest of the dining room.Leave the kiddies at home for this place. We will definately go back next time we are through the area. Hope it helps.

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                      I agree that Main Fish Market is overpriced. It's ridiculous!