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May 6, 2008 02:42 PM

Grand Prix Weekend

We will be staying at the Hyatt on Jeanne-Mance. What are best choices in that area to pickup sandwiches, meats, cheeses, breads or baked goods to take to the race? Thank you for your help, we are so looking forward to our visit.

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  1. There is an IGA grocery store in the same complex, which will have a decent selection of food products. You will be a few blocks from Chinatown (which may or may not be what you would want to take to the race). If you're really looking for the best selection of food, not too terribly far out of the way, I'd recommend stocking up at Atwater Market (while Jean Talon market has a greater selection, it isn't anywhere near as close to the Hyatt, especially if you may not have a car - Atwater isn't too far from a metro stop). Chains such as Au Pain Dore and Premiere Moisson have decent baked goods and sandwiches, and very good breads, and are located downtown (I believe the closest ones to the Hyatt would be at Gare Centrale for the latter, and downtown at Peel and Ste-Catherine for the former, but I could be wrong - in any case, either would be about a 5 to 10 minute walk from the Hyatt). Or you could zip down to Olive & Gourmando in Old Montreal and stock up there...

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      That particular IGA has an unusually large selection of prepared foods, as there are many civil servants close by - Quebec in the same building and Federal across the street and in other buildings nearby. And one thing you might want to take from Chinatown are banh mi, which are very tasty Vietnamese sandwiches in a French-inspired small baguette.

      If you have time, say if you are arriving before the race, do make a trip up to the Jean-Talon market for the wonderful array of foods. You don't have to change metro lines if you walk down to Place d'Armes métro, and get off at Jean-Talon. If you do have your car, there is underground parking at the market now.

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        In Complexe Desjardins, where the hotel is located, in addition to the IGA market, you'll find a small bakery near the food court (Pâtisserie Belge if memory serves) where you can find all the usual morning stuff. There's also a MBCO branch in the food court where they make good sandwiches as well as Cultures where sandwiches are good, fresh and healthy. On a side note, please avoid Eggsspectation that just opened. A subpar breakfast joint.