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May 6, 2008 02:30 PM

Chinatown Recs for Australian Visitor

I have lived in NYC for 5 years and am still on the hunt for a good place. I'm not at all a fan of NY Chinese, having been brought up on CA Chinese (i.e. farm fresh veggies and meat, no starchy/gloppy sauce, no MSG). I think I can count all the Chinese restaurants here I've tried on one hand - NY Noodletown, Grand Sichuan, No. 1 China, Six Happiness, Wo Hop. Not a favorite in the bunch...

I have a guest from Australia who loves Chinese and wants to try the best. Please point us in the right direction! Looking for fresh, delicious food, atmosphere not important. Please note if they serve dim sum, may do that in lieu of dinner.

Appreciate the help!

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  1. Probably need to be more specific as to regional cuisines, types of dishes you'd be interested in. To get you started here's a thread about gloppy and non-gloppy Chinese food. While a lot of the talk is about glop itself, there are a number of non-gloppy Chinatown restaurant recommendations included in the long thread.

    1. 88 Palace is an excellent, and affordable, dim sum restaurant in Chinatown.
      I also went to Peking Duck House on Mott st last night, also quite delicious.