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May 6, 2008 02:29 PM

spiciest food -ever-?

Hi all!

So I'm dating this guy who is a spicy food lover to such an extent that he brings his own imported hotsauce bottle with him around often. He often complains about how dull-tasting many of the "spicy" foods are, and while spiciness is a give or take for me, I want to take him out to a restaurant of any genre (except for Indian) that has served the spiciest food that you've tasted/heard of. I've tried calling east coast grill about their hell night, but unfortunately we're moving before then (it's in the fall) and so can't make that. We're also big carnivores, but don't let that stop you from suggesting a truly hot vegetarian dish!


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  1. Hate to say it, t1, but I don't believe you'll be able to satisfy your Boston/area, that is! Although I have only lived here a few months, I have not yet found any food to be to my taste for spiciness, even when I have asked for it "Thai hot" or the equivalent, although I don't mind as long as it is well-prepared and flavorful. From what I have deduced, the palate here runs toward the sweet rather than the spicy side. I solve this problem by making my own spicy dishes at home when the craving hits me. Hopefully you'll be moving somewhere that you will both enjoy the cuisine.

    1. Qingdao Garden in North Cambridge makes a terrific plate of stir-fried whole spicy green peppers. I don't see it online, but I've had it several times recently.

      At lunchtime, Chacarero is a good downtown spot to know about. Their spicy sauce is hot, but their "extra hot" habanero-based sauce is too much for this Southwesterner.

      If you're ever in NYC, check out Los Dos Molinos, a Santa Fe-style Mexican restaurant that prides itself on its intensely spicy (but also flavorful) chiles from Hatch, NM.

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      1. re: finlero

        The "extra hot" chacarero isn't hot enough for me, but both locations now have sides of the habanero-based sauce available upon your request. I used one on my chacarero today and my mouth was on fire -- in a good way -- for 20 minutes after I was done eating.

        1. re: finlero

          I don't find the "extra hot" to be all that hot and I'm sure I'm wimpier than this guy.

          1. re: jgg13

            Now go back and, in addition to asking for your sandwich "extra hot," ask for one of the little containers of the "extra hot" sauce with your chacarero. Apply. Eat. Report back.

            1. re: Blumie

              I realize that I am resurrecting an old thread but I was trying to dig up an answer to the question of "what's the hottest standard (not e.g. hell night) dish in boston" and realized I never answered this :)

              I did end up doing that at some point. It had the heat that I wanted, but I ended up not really liking it as much - ruined the delicate balance of that sandwich. Live and learn.

        2. South East Asia in Lowell makes some really spicy dishes. Im sure you could ask for "extra spicy" but i find what they list as "blazing hot" to be quite spicy.

          Also another place he may enjoy is Fireflys BBQ. I prefer the original one in Marlborough. They do a weekend all you can eat brunch (i forget what day) that has all the ribs, brisket, pulled pork, etc on it plus all the sides. I know many here dont like the place but i think he may because they have a rack of about 100 different hot sauces you can try. Many are really spicy. they even have one you need to sign a waiver to use.

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          1. re: hargau

            Fireflys BBQ in Quincy has a hot sauce that is 267,000 scoville units ( They keep it under lock and key and you have to sign a waver to try it. They serve it with plenty of corn bread.

            If you like BBQ, give it a try. I tried it last week... it was a thing of beauty.

            East Coast Grill Hell week is also not for the faint of heart. I think You can get ribs with "inner beauty" at any time. It was on the menu the last few times we were there.

            Redbones also has a really nice corn relish that will knock your socks off if you're not expecting it.

            1. re: zizzpudding

              True story: Years ago I was at Fireflys Marlborough and having finished my dinner i left the table to wash my hands. While i was gone my "friends", thought it would be funny to douse all my leftovers with one of the hotest sauces off the rack. So fast forward to about 8AM the next morning when i pull out the cold ribs and take a bite... I seriously thought i was going to have to go to the hosipital and debated calling.. I thought maybe someone in the kitchen did it as a joke when packing the leftovers until my gf was laughing in hysterics about it and i knew she was involved... At which point i chased her around with a rib trying to get her to taste it.. I wasnt able to but it touched her face and burnt her skin!

              1. re: hargau

                lol. that's funny :)

                A couple of years ago a friend of mine brought me a bag of dried naga chiles (suuuuuuuuuuuuper hot for those who don't know of what i speak) back from the motherland (his family is from that region). Flash forward a year or so later and I had some friends over watching a game of some sort, beers were consumed, etc.

                Anyways, I grab one and just tell my friend to eat it. "What's this?" he asked ... "Oh its just a dried pepper, just eat it!". Well, that didn't go over particularly well for him ... he starts getting red, "mm, wait, ow, that's hot. OH THATS HOT!!!". Within a couple of minutes he was hanging off of my balcony with snot and god knows what coming out of all of his facial orifices.

                He wasn't particularly amused :)

              2. re: zizzpudding

                A waiver for 267k units? Those waiver things are always a marketing gimmick anyways, but that's over the top. Not that I'm a big fan of eating whole habeneros (or worse, nagas) but its not like shaws makes me sign a waiver when i buy a bag full of them.

            2. Look out for East Coast Grill's next Hell Night. That should satisfy your man.

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              1. re: joth68

                The OP specifically said "I've tried calling east coast grill about their hell night, but unfortunately we're moving before then (it's in the fall) and so can't make that."

                1. re: Allstonian

                  East Coast usually has a Hell item or two on their regular menu.

                  1. re: I QUE

                    In addition to always having at least one "hell" item on their menu, they will serve you sides of their "inner beauty" hot sauce to create your own "hell" version of any of their dishes. It goes great with their barbecue -- I use it liberally on the burnt ends sandwich -- on the tuna tacos, on the buffalo shrimp, and on many of their other menu items.

                    1. re: Blumie

                      They actually have a "secret sauce" behind the counter that was described to me as being the absolute hottest thing they have in house. The last time I was at a hell night there was a woman eating anything & everything, doused with extra inner beauty and laughing it off. They went off and fetched Chris who had a bottle of some red sauce in itand he tried to stifle her. Nothing doing, she still was dwning it easy - the staff seemed *extremely* impressed.

                      For those who have had the pasta from hell, she ate the entire plate without any sort of pause at all, nor any effects visible from where I was sitting.

                        1. re: Bob Dobalina


                          Seriously though, I really wondered where she was from. She had no discernable accent, caucasian, etc - my first reaction was that she *had* to have grown up in some area of the world where the spice was off the hook, but who knows.

                  2. re: Allstonian

                    My bad. That will teach me not to skim posts.

                2. Mary Chungs in Cambridge has some really spicy Chinese food. I love spicy Chinese Food and this was super spicy. I love the East Coast Grill and I would like to try Hell Night. I usually go there for the Latin Brunch. JP licks makes a chocolate Habanero ice cream, it's crazy good.

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                  1. re: macadamianut

                    Really? I have never been to any chinese restaurant that has anything spicy unless its a Sichuan specific place like Sichuan gourmet/garden or fuloon, etc..

                    Are you talking Sichuan spicy or general gaus chicken, hot and sour soup, kungpao-anything spicy?

                    1. re: hargau

                      If you like spicy than Mary Chungs is for you hargau. They have so many different spicy dishes. I went with my family for Mother's Day last year and I thought my parents would pass out and they like spicy food but this was too spicy for them. Cash only.

                      1. re: macadamianut

                        Thanks i will keep it in mind. I was just checking because i run across alot of people who say they like spicy food but it means they like General Gaus or sesame chicken or the other things in Red at chinese restaurants, none of which i find spicy.

                        1. re: hargau

                          Mary Chung's bills itself as Mandarin/Szechuan and they have plenty
                          of heat in some of their dishes. I like the place a lot...suan lachow, bon bon bon chicken, dun dun noodles..are a few dishes I like

                          That said, I don't think they reach the heat level of some of the spicier dishes at Sichuan Garden in Brookline

                          1. re: 9lives

                            You have to be very clear about wanting it very spicy at Sichuan Garden. The Chengdu Chicken, for example, will come with a couple of hot peppers but I've had it served with dozens and dozens of them, so many that your digestive tract shuts down. Delicious but you pay the price!

                            You can also ask for very, very spicy at Chilli Garden.

                            Some Indian restaurants will make a very hot Vindaloo if you ask. It's supposed to be very hot but it almost never is.

                        2. re: macadamianut

                          Eh, careful here. Only certain dishes are spicy and even then it varies wildly. Example, their dun dun noodles have ranged for me from "where's the spice at all?" to "wow, this is *really* hot". In general I wouldn't call it something for a true chilehead, but for a normal person it likely could be viewed as spicy.

                          1. re: jgg13

                            Yes, you have to make clear to the waiter at Mary Chung's also that you want it hot. Then, trust me, it will get your attention.

                            1. re: Alcachofa

                              FWIW I find that it tends to be hotter there on Sundays than other days of the week.

                      2. re: macadamianut

                        Sichuan Gourmet in Framingham serves really good spicy szechuan food, and will spice it up upon request. Likewise with Sichuan Garden in Brookline, although I prefer Sichuan Gourmet.