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May 6, 2008 02:25 PM

"sports bar" in BoCoCa/BK Heights/Downtown Mnh.

I'm looking for a bar w/ decent tv's, decent beer, and decent bar food that i can go to w/ several friends and watch a mets game. any local spots that you guys can recommend (i'm open to LES/EV as long as it's near an F train and worth it).


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  1. There's aplace on the corner of Court and Amity--they have several TV's w/large screens and a huge selection of beer.

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      I'll second that. It's called Downtown Bar & Grill. Good food (for bar fare) and lots of beer.

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        O'Keefes on Court between Joralemon and Livingston always has the local games on. The dining area has only 1 TV in the back I believe, but up by the bar there are several big screens and counter-top seating. The food is decent, as is the selection of beers.

        You might also check Pete's Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic between Henry and Clinton, much better food and a more interesting beer selection.

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          Just a heads up if you try to go to O'Keefe's and you've never been before... the storefront isn't actually labeled "O'Keefe's" but rather just something like "Bar & Grill".

          But I, too, am a fan of Downtown Bar & Grill. Better food (more diverse menu than just fried bar stuff/burgers/nachos - though they have good burgers), better beer selection.

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        Another second for this place, Downtown Bar + Grill. The burgers are pretty good and the beer selection is outstanding - though some posters here have indicated that the beer prices are pretty high in some cases, so if you're ordering something off the beaten path you may want to check how much it is.

      3. I was facing this same question a few months ago. I think a good sports bar should have the volume on for the game you're watching and top notch TVs. Downtown has tremendous beer but usually has music playing (unless it's something like a big NFL playoff game) and has big but not HD tvs. Those things aren't important to everyone but I throw it out there for purposes of full disclosure. The food is ok.

        For some big games, we go to Blue Seats, which is a sleek sports bar on the LES (Ludlow & Stanton area), 2 minute walk from F-train. Good food and huge TVs all over the place. They have booths & other special showrooms. It's not a casual experience though--it's a hardcore sports bar. No one is there unless they're watching sports. That might not be what you're looking for.

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          I'm not a huge fan of Downtown either. Good beer selection, but everything was expensive. i think my wings were like $10 and there were maybe 8-10 wings, as I remember. When I went to see the Packers-Cowboys service was atrocious. took forvever to get beer and for them to clear empty plates. It was really crowded, so that explains some of it, but in no rush to go back.

          I prefer O'Keefe's, but not a classic sports bar. the tv in the back is terrible. Also, for the Mets you're ok, but note, they don't have satellite for other games.

          1. re: gangly handful

            Gangly Handful: Do you know if "Blue Seats" show s soccer games?

            1. re: dimples

              I'm not sure whether they would show soccer in the common area where you wouldn't have to make reservations. I imagine they'd play anything you wanted if you got 5 guys together and reserved a booth.

            2. re: gangly handful

              A full-on sports bar on the LES??? What is this world coming to??

              Don't forget Brazen Head. I did all my 3AM World Cup viewing there (when they were held in Korea-Japan).

            3. I'm a big fan of Angry Wade's on Smith St. Has six TVs - at least four of which are HD, but not always tuned to the HD channel - and volume can be easily arranged so long as it is not a big night out for the non-sports fans. Okay beer selection, but bad, bad food.

              1. i'll check out Downtown but it seems like Blue Seats might be a better option.