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May 6, 2008 02:22 PM

Stamford Mall Anyone like the New Restaurants?

Which one and why. What did you eat and how many times have you gone, I personally think 3 times or more will defintely let you know if you like it or not. I usually don't like these types of places but i could be wrong. thanks

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  1. I've been and I welcome the opportunity for some casual eateries in the Tresser/Atlantic area for those working in the area (like me!).

    I'm not a fan of P.F. Chang's. It's fine, but a little overpriced for Chinese food that is nothing special.

    Cosi is ... Cosi. An easy place for a salad or sandwich. Had lunch at CPK today (3rd time). Pizzas are fine, salads are good.

    Kona Grill has an extremely cheap happy hour but is quickly becoming the 20's hangout on Thurs nights. Don't say you weren't warned. I find the menu perplexing -- not sure what they want to be.

    I like Mitchell's. The bar specials at happy hour are good (they make a delicious tequila gimlet with patron) and I've had 2 good meals there. Would definitely go back.

    Haven't tried Capital Grille.

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      Kona Grill is kind of an oddity (and the decor is gloomy and off-putting), but there's some decent stuff on the menu if you choose carefully. I don't do sushi, but my companions tell me Kona's is uneven. I've developed an affection for their Oriental Salad with Macadamia Nut Chicken. I wouldn't consider any of these spots destination dining, but they're nice to have around if you're shopping at the mall anyway.

    2. Glad you posted- I was just thinking how much I like the new Borders/Mall Restos set up and was feeling a little guility for falling for the chain glitz, but oh well. Hard to hate a restaurant that's right beside a bookstore.

      I have liked the service at PF Cheng's, and gosh darnit if white wine does not go well with spicy food. I've been there twice and the food is always tried and true- good enough for a chain for me! I was not wowed with my salmon at Mitchell's, but two friends raved about it last week.