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May 6, 2008 02:01 PM

Grilling Whole Lobsters?

After some internet research I have found about 50 or so different opinions on how to grill a whole lobster. Any suggestions on a good method?

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  1. The easiest is to cover them with boiling water for 2 minutes, then grill whole until steam begins to escape from the joints of the carapace. For a slightly smokier taste, split after boiling and then grill; the disadvantage here is that you'll have to rely on your eye and touch to determine when they're done.

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      If you blanch and cool before finishing on the grill it will help the meat pull away from the shell.

    2. I have found that if you split them (alive) and place on grill shell side down to catch juices they come out absolutely delicious.

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        I agree with MeffaBabe, split alive just as you would normally do for Baked Stuffed, but you might want to place both shell side down and meat side down for a few minutes each and brush with butter. Another suggestion, Steve Raichlen, Barbeque Bible author, is a Master at grilling techniques, rather than get 50 different opinions, if you don't have the BBQ Bible go to a library or bookstore and look at what he recommends.

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          Wouldn't you put a knife through their brain first to kill them?

          1. re: sarah galvin

            You start right between there eyes at the top of their head and go all the way down the back. I have done it a couple times, not really crazy about doing it.

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              How much heat do you need, to go through the shells? Red hot charcoal? 15 Minutes on a gas grill? Is there a thermometer technique to gague doneness? I don't mind splitting them, but I don't want green underdone areas, esp claws. I like carswells suggestion, but I have no idea about the carapace, and I would like a temperature recommendation.

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            "I have found that if you split them (alive)"

            Ugh. I love lobster but I HATE cooking them. I can't imagine splitting them while they're still squirming, it's bad enough dumping them into boiling water.

          3. I tried about 47 ways in my previous life...
            I usually boil a lobster for 8 minutes per lb (ie boil a 1 1/4lber for 10 minutes). When grilling, I under do it just a smidge (like 7 minutes per lb). Remove the lobster from the water, and split down the middle with a hefty chefs knife. I like to hold the puppy on its back, start at the head and cut towards the tail. You can now also remove the head sac, but careful not to lose the tomaly or egg sac if any.
            Get your charcoal piping hot, lay the halfs meat side up. Have a couple sheets of foil and a few fire-proof weights handy, drizzle about 1/2 cup of melted butter over the lobster (it'll flame pretty good) and immediately cover with the foil, weighting the edges down (if not, the flames will simply lift the foil away).
            After a minute or so, the flames go out, remove the foil and lift off the lobster. You have plenty of smokey grill flavor, beautiful red and char color, and the meat is never dried out.