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May 6, 2008 01:35 PM

Fish Restaurant near Southwark Cathedral

A few years back I was taken to a small fish restaurant tucked in behind Southwark Cathedral - a 19thC steel and glass building - am heading back to London in June and would love to go back but can't recall the name. Can anyone assist? Thanks,

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  1. It's called Fish! (with the exclamation mark).

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    1. re: limster

      Lord T'underin Jaysis (as they say in Newfoundland). I can stare at something and not see it - thank you for the response. And now.... is it recommended?

      1. re: bistecca

        Eh, not my favorite. But on a nice day, especially a market day, I can see why it would be a hit.

        1. re: bistecca

          It's perfectly ok, but less than a mile away is Swithins which I think is the best fish in London (ground floor section). Pricier than Fish! though. One poor review here, others good:

          Edit: Not open weekends (financial services location,so no weekend customers)

          1. re: bistecca

            If I wanted fish in that patch I'd be tempted to try Applebees fish on Stoney Street. I've not been there or fish! (heard not rave reviews about that one) but I used to use Applebees as the fishmonger I bought from when buying fish at Borough Market. Recently (this year?) the fishmongers took on the shop next door and have turned it into a restaurant. Might be worth a shot.

            1. re: ali patts

              Ate at Fish! for the first time in years last night... Definitely not a place to go to for big portions of the succulent fish cooked to the standards of a Scotts. But, despite that, it's a nice enough place if you're in the area and can't get into Brindisa. Prices are hefty given the portion size - £17 for a piece of halibut for instance. Service was smiley and efficient - but there's a lot of glass and hard floors - so it can get noisy.
              I didn't see the Applebee's restaurant when I was wandering about - is it somewhere near the shop?

              1. re: SpikeyD

                Applebee is on Stoney Street, past the guys that sell pannini and Italian cheeses.

                1. re: SpikeyD

                  limster's right, it's between Brindisa (the tapas restaurant) and the Market Porter pub, on the same side as the pub.