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May 6, 2008 01:26 PM

Tonight: Freedom Plaza/ Farragut Square with Work Colleagues

Hi all,

In town for a conference and tonight is our one chance to head into DC for dinner.

We'll be joined by some more senior work colleagues (so, looking for something upscale-- not a total dive-- but not too pricey-- we'll still be expensing it). We will be a party of 5- 6.

Ideally, we'd love to dine near Freedom Plaza (14th and E, NW) or Farragut Square (17th and K), as that's where we'll be dropped off by the hotel shuttle.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. By 17th and K there is Bombay Club which is good upscale Indian, but that may be a little wild with your group. Also Oval Room and Equinox are there, but those you might consider pricey. There is also Cafe Asia on Eye (I) St. which has asian and sushi at good prices. Restaurant K there would be more moderate it got voted really well for their breakfast, but I haven't eaten there yet, but it is where the attorneys I work for always do business lunch.

    14th and E I think puts you near Penn Quarter restaurants such as Tenpenh for Asian fusion that is about 4 blocks away, I forget what else is in that area I think Tosca is there for nice upscale Italian, I don't know if it would be bad on the budget I forget their prices, Chef Geoffs is there it is good for normal food like burgers and etc, it isn't out of this world, but decent. Your best bet here might be Old Ebbitt just because there would be something to suit all tastes. All these places have online menus and most are on opentable, good luck.

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      Thanks so much for your quick response! Will check out menus online and report back.