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May 6, 2008 01:14 PM

Chutney Masala?

Has anyone tried the new Indian place in Irvington, NY (where Flirt used to be)? Wondering how it is.

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  1. I haven't been yet, but here's the website with menus....
    Prices seem comparable to Bengal Tiger-- rather high. I'll stick to Khan's takeout till I hear about this one.

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      They also don't have a lunch buffet (or so I was told when I called). First Indian restaurant I've heard of that doesn't. Ah, I see from the menu that they have a "virtual buffet", they bring stuff to you. Kind of like an Indian place I ate at in Greenwich.

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        1. Went tonight with my wife. I'm not inclined to go back, but not because of the food, necessarily. My main gripe is that the food is WAY too expensive for what they give you, especially compared to other Indian restaurants.

          The old brick building the restaurant is housed in has a nice retro feeling to it and the place itself has a dignified appearance. Clearly the aim here is to create an upscale, affluent Indian restaurant.

          So to match the upscale atmosphere they are going for, the food is definitely priced significantly higher than just about any place we've been to in Westchester. For example, we ordered your basic tandori chicken for one dish, and got a nicely presented TWO pieces (price = $18).Not halves, but a leg attached to a thigh. That's it. The vegetable biryani, while good and an average portion, cost us $16.

          Now I'm not necessarily a "bang for the buck" kind of guy, looking for the cheapest deal to fill up. But this was one case where the difference between the price you pay and what you get seemed pretty far apart.

          I can understand why they don't have a buffet -- they want people paying for their high-priced meals.

          Afterwards, my wife said was that she liked Spice Village in Tuckahoe MUCH better and I definitely agreed.

          1. I enjoyed Chutney Masala when I went for lunch and dinner. This is not your average Indian restaurant though. It is an upscale eatery with beautiful decor. Exposed brick, framed photography of Indian royalty, colorful window shades and views of the Hudson surround you. The service is first-rate and the food is very good. I dined with my boyfriend at dinner and we shared an appetizer and a main course which included nan. We also had one specialty cocktail and one large Kingfisher beer. The bill was $53 not including the tip. At lunch there are specials for $10 and 2 courses for $15.