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May 6, 2008 01:03 PM

For the Jamón Ibérico Fans

Food writer/restaurant critic Catherine MacPherson will be talking about jamón ibérica in Montreal on CBC Radio 1 very shortly. The show ends at 6 pm - not sure exactly when she'll be on. 88.5 FM or listen online. For those who miss it, sometimes they post info on the site afterwards.

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  1. You can't listen to the segment online, although info on each week's food segment is online(info on today's Iberico segment is not online yet). I heard it live today.

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    1. re: BLM

      I missed it! What did they say?

      1. re: snap32

        I missed it too, but hopefully the info will be posted on their site some time today on the food page:

        (And just to clarify, you *can* listen to Homerun online, but only live via the local CBC Radio 1 feed. Unfortunately they don't archive the audio of past shows.)

        1. re: kpzoo

          Sorry, I meant the audio segment is not archived. Yes, you can listen to them online live.

          1. re: kpzoo

            I listened, and they didn't really say all that much, considering. They compared three slices - iberico (but not bellota), serrano, and prosciutto. Iberico obviously won out. There is supposed to be info on the web site regarding where to purchase it, etc., but it wasn't up there yesterday after the show when I checked.

            1. re: cherylmtl

              I've seen it at Zingerman's (Ann Arbor, MI) and at a place in the Italian Market in Philly... not cheap, and not sure if their supply is abundant.

            2. re: kpzoo

              «Unfortunately they don't archive the audio of past shows.»

              No, but they have posted MacPherson clips from time to time. Most relevant to this board was her report on the Montreal-style bagel fiasco (see link below), which, while far better in terms of attribution and coverage than the Gazoop's attempt to co-opt the story, still gets a major point wrong: she appears to miss our tongue in cheek, to think we were dead serious about defining the Montreal bagel and setting up some sort of AOC. Reading through the other pieces also makes it clear that she harvests some of her material from Chowhound, almost always without credit. That said, she's far more engaging on the radio than in print. I wish Hour would give the entire resto review beat to Karpati.


              1. re: carswell

                Hi Carswell, hi all, Catherine Macpherson here.

                Thanks for the nod on the bagel bit. Sorry if the "tonuge in cheek" nature of the Chowhound discussion didn't come through in the radio story - I certainly enjoyed the thread precisely for that reason. And I felt the engineered taste-test was totally off topic.

                I do try to give Chowhounders their due credit when information for a story is gleaned from Chowhound. Links to pertinent threads are always sent to CBC, but what actually gets posted on the site is done via their Toronto website management. In the Jamon Iberico instance, I had intended to share the additional info I gathered about the ham's local whereabouts with Chowhounders, then other devoted posters beat me to the punch.

                If I am asking a direct question of Chowhounders for journalism purposes, I will most certainly state as much (am familiar with Chowhound posting and crediting etiquette for media). Story information comes from many valuable sources, including Chowhound. Often, I will already be working on an idea when a relevant thread surfaces on this board. If I think I can add to the discussion, I will, in the spirit of this board's raison d'être. Mostly, it just cheers me to know that my ideas might be in line with the city's most informed gastroscenti - the Chowhound posters. (Sadly, I have failed to find the thread - or I would post the link here - to a similar sentiment re. story development, Chowhound posts, timeliness and coincidence that was discussed by some food contributors for the New York Times.)

                And Josh Karpati is great with the reviews - I absolutely agree. Perhaps I've more of a bent for other, longer, non-critique forms of food writing.

                Thanks for the opinions - always highly valued and taken to heart.

                -Cat Macpherson

                1. re: lait cru

                  Hey Lait Cru (Cat)!

                  Always like to see good pieces on good food. I was excited to hear you were doing a story on the jamon iberico, it is always helpful to have a dedicated professional involved in the hunt for delicious victuals. I have been enjoying your write-ups on the CBC web page. Keep on spreading the word! We need to keep the market excited if we hope to continue to get lovely products like the jamon iberico!

                  Cheers, and happy eating,


                  1. re: moh

                    Thanks Moh! It really is all about getting more people excited about their food and interested in discovering the bounty of good foods out there, isn't it? I so enjoy your posts. See you in the boards!