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May 6, 2008 12:50 PM

Do you need lunch reservation for Chez L'Ami Jean?

We are arriving in Paris on a Thursday and hoping to grab some lunch around 1pm or so. Can we get into L'Ami for lunch if we play it by ear?

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  1. It wouldnt hurt to book it in advance. This place is listed in almost every guidebook and web-site as well as having been recently recommended in Bon Appetit. I didnt want to chance it so I booked lunch for my upcoming visit.

    1. You really should book this in advance-the place is always packed, and at 1:00 you'll be in the heart of luchtime.

      1. Was there last week for dinner and had a glance at the res list for the next day lunch which was fairly booked. Was a bank holiday so that may have been part of it, but it wouldn't hurt to book.
        By the way, the food was some of the best of its kind we have had in Paris.